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Corporate Video Production: A Complete Guide for 2020

When it comes to corporate video production, it’s no surprise that 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Whether they’re posted to social media or presented at an event, videos are an entertaining way to capture and maintain the attention of your targeted audience. And with how many types of marketing videos exist, incorporating video into your business leaves you with endless possibilities.

Corporate video is skyrocketing

Each year, the effectiveness of video content skyrockets. It’s safe to say we live in a time where audience understanding is crucial toward your company’s success. With that in mind, videos are easily the most quick and comprehensive way to educate your audience and promote your organization. If your corporate video is engaging, easy to share, and effective at explaining what you can offer people, you’re good to go – it’s really that easy!

A great addition to your marketing toolbox

For many reasons, video is a pivotal part of our future. It’s a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox that can promote business success for years to come. That’s why we’ve created this in-depth guide to corporate video production. That being said, let’s take a look at how it can benefit your company.

Why Corporate Video?

why corporate video production

A majority of us would rather learn about your company through a short video instead of text-based articles or infographics. It’s this preference that lead video to become such a huge presence in content marketing. These days the vast majority of people would rather click play, than scroll and read.

There is an art and science

There’s a psychological reason behind the success of video marketing. When you’re watching a video, visuals and audio are both stimulating your senses. If the content of a video is effective, it can leave an emotional impact on you. Whether your reaction is excitement, hope, or joy, these impactful responses lead to results – that’s what drives potential customers to “take action” and consider your message and what you have to offer them.

The numbers don’t lie

On top of being an impressive way to reach customers, videos are also easy to share. This aspect of video content is crucial in having your brand or message seen by the 3.48 billion social media users around the globe. Additionally, they provide great return on investment, as well as a significant boost in conversions and sales. From online marketing, to trade shows and conferences, videos can be used in both B2B & B2C settings. All in all, corporate video can benefit your business in more ways than one.

Making the Best Use of Your Corporate Video

Repurpose Your Corporate video - Beverly Boy


Despite being such a powerful marketing tool, not all corporate videos are successful. In order to invoke positive reactions, corporate videos need substance and authenticity. They need to make a lasting impression on your viewers in order to for you to see results. Low-quality videos are going to leave them confused, irritated, and unlikely to look into your business.

Know what you want

You can make the best use of your video by starting off with a basic question: what is your business objective regarding your video? In other words, what purpose do you want your video to serve? Promoting a campaign message and reaching employees through internal marketing are going to require very different types of corporate video.

Use video and images to promote on social

Let’s take a look at some quick examples. Depending on your goals as a company, repurposed video content for social media might be more effective than a homepage promotional video or still photos for your website. If you want to create a video for future email campaigns, you’re going to need very different content than what is used for things like television or using audio for radio-type services.

Corporate video optimization – Optimize your corporate video

Optimize your video on sites like YouTube or Vimeo using SEO tactics, this will allow Google to rank your video under video search results. Done properly your video will begin to show up in search engines by users searching a specific keyword. This is a great way to make great use of an existing corporate video.

Corporate Video Production Cost

In addition to your business objectives, things like your target audience, the message you want to portray, and the creative approach you choose are going to affect what type of video is best suited for your company.

No matter what type of video you create, the price you pay is going to depend on two things: (1) the duration of your video and (2) the equipment and staff used to create it. Below, you can find a per-hour pricing sheet of things that affect overall corporate video production cost.

Corporate video hourly rates

Corporate Video Production Pricing Sheet:

  • Video Director: $25/hour to $250/hour
  • Script Writer/Marketer: $60/hour to $150/hour
  • Video Editor: $60/hour to $175/hour
  • Cameramen: $25/hour to $400/hour
  • Actors/Presenters: $50/hour to $500/hour
  • Equipment: $25/hour to $100’s/hour
  • Studio Shooting: $100/hour to $400/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers: $100 to $400
  • Audio Files: $30 to $1,000
  • Video Rendering: $30/hour to $75/hour
  • B-Roll: 10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees’: $100 to $1000’s

Corporate video Pre-Production process

When it comes to corporate video production, there are three major phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. Each of these phases consist of services that are necessary in bringing your project to life.

With corporate pre-production, you’re basically getting the ball rolling. When you work with a production team, the first thing they’re going to do is draft or outline your project. If you have a reference video, this is where you would show it. A producer or director will breakdown what the production process is going to consist of, as well as create a script for any narrators or presenters. Depending on the content of your video, your crew might have to do extra research, especially if your project requires location permits or studio access.

Pre-production exists to effectively plan and prepare for the filming process. An experienced team will work closely alongside you to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with every aspect of your project.

Corporate video Production process

This phase is where the magic happens. During the corporate production phase, your footage is recorded, capturing all of the planned scenes and information outlined in pre-production. A seasoned team will stick to your budget and schedule, communicating with every area of the production phase (location, set, office, distributing, etc.).

Every party of the filmmaking process is involved with production. The grip, electric, and design crews will take the lead before camera and sound departments start to film. Of course, the entirety of the production process is going to depend on the type of video you’re creating. If you’re creating an explainer video, animators and narrators are going to be used instead of studio staff and actors. On the other hand, if you’re filming employee testimonials, it’s unlikely that animators and narrators will be included in your video. Additionally, B-roll footage is occasionally filmed during the production process, as it is utilized in post-production.

Corporate video Post-Production process

Post-production is extremely important in creating a top-quality video. In this phase, footage is organized and cleaned up by editors. These editors will adjust sound and color of the footage to ensure that the visuals are picture-perfect. Audio items such as dialogue, music, and sound effects are also added to your video during this phase.

After your production has been edited and rendered, it’s ready to be finalized. Before preparing your video for distribution, your crew should show you the finished product. This way, if you want anything changed, those changes can be made before it’s given to you.

If you’re satisfied with the end result, then you’re good to go. You’ve successfully finished corporate post-production, the final production phase. At this point, you’ll have your video in-hand. Whether you post it to social media or present it at a conference, you’re free to distribute it where you see fit!

Corporate Live Streaming

Live streaming is an extremely unique way to communicate with your targeted audience or fellow employees. Unlike regular videos, corporate live streaming provides a more immersive experience for its viewers. The ability to experience an event, as if you were there in-person, is exactly what makes live streaming unique – normal videos simply can’t compare to it!

Live streaming is often used to record an event or a product/service. Depending on where you host your live stream, viewers can comment and react to your corporate streaming media, which exposes your content to their followers or other user’s feed.

Outside of social media, live streaming is also used to host business conferences or meetings through corporate webcasting. Employees from all around the globe can participate in the stream you’re hosting. In fact, quarterly company webcasts are often utilized in the corporate setting. The equipment required for streaming live corporate events is easy to assemble, so a professional crew should not have any problems hosting one for you.

Best Practices for Corporate Video Production

Here you can find our top tips for creating a top-quality video for your company. We highly recommend checking out some of the best practices below before getting started with the corporate video production process.

Corporate video production tips

Tip #1- Determine the purpose of your video.

This will occur alongside a director or producer during pre-production, but it’s important to have a clear idea of what purpose you want your video to serve.

Tip #2Be clear and concise.

When it comes to videos, shorter is better. A high-quality video can be short – and it should be, if possible. You’re more likely to capture attention with a short, high-quality video than one that’s too long.

Tip #3- Be sure to include branding.

Through engaging content, you want to concisely state your message and how consumers can contact you. If your company identity isn’t prevalent in your video, viewers are unlikely to remember the company that is associated with your content.

Preparing Your Team for a Corporate Video shoot

preparing your team for the corporate shoot


To prepare your team for corporate video shoot, one of the first things you want to address is your wardrobe. According to film protocol, anyone being filmed should avoid wearing plain white or black tops, intricate patterns, and logos or brand names.

In most cases, the type of pants and shoes you can wear are up to you so long as they fit the theme of your video. We also suggest having hair and makeup ready before you start shooting. Additionally, we recommend being natural on camera. Authenticity is key for corporate video production, after all!

If you’re filming testimonials, it’s important that you have questions prepared for the customer or employee that you’re interviewing. Questions like “What was it like before you received our product or service?”, “How do we stand out from other options?”, and “What would you tell someone who’s considering our services?” are built to appeal to your target audience and pull them into your business.

Hiring a Corporate Video Company

After compiling your ideas together, you’re probably ready find a company that can bring your project to life. There are two things you should look out for when hiring a corporate video company: video reviews, work samples and responsiveness.

Video Reviews

Obviously, one of the first things you’re going to do when you seek out a production company is check out the ones with the best reviews. Before contacting a company, we highly suggest checking video reviews. In this day and age anyone can post anonymous, false reviews, but a video review is solid.

View work samples/Demo reel

In addition to reviews, you can ask for work samples, also known as a demo reel. Look for consistency and make sure that the samples align with the quality of the other videos in their pertfolio.

Look for responsiveness

A professional production company should always be quick to respond to your inquiries. More often than not, you can get a free quote for your project. That said, they should provide concise consultation that will make your job just a bit easier. Look for responsiveness in communication to ensure that your inquiry is a priority to them.

6 Types of Corporate Video Production (With Samples)

We covered virtually every aspect of corporate video production: costs, the three production phases, and live stream content, as well as various suggestions and tips to help you get started with your upcoming project. Now that we’re nearing the end of this extensive guide, we want to show you some examples of corporate video production that you can create for your business.

There are many different types of video out there, but considering our experience as a production company, we know that these six videos are the most beneficial for company growth. Which type of video you choose is going to depend on your business objectives and goals, but when you work with an experienced corporate video production team, it’s not difficult to show you which ones are best suited for your needs.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the six types of video that you can utilize in your next project.


Testimonial Corporate Video

Testimonials are used for a myriad of reasons. Targeting your viewer’s emotions, they’re often used to induce positive feelings that will shine light on your business. Testimonial corporate video can incorporate your customers, employees, or both, depending on what you want to use your video for.

Testimonials are one of the best types of corporate video production out there. They truly hit the mark in terms of appealing to your audience, addressing your message, and promoting your company. Whether you’re trying to bring awareness to a product or share your mission statement, testimonials do the hard work for you.

In this video, we are utilizing the employees at Springbuk to display what exactly is going on regarding their current project, Code Climate.

Promotional Corporate Video

There are many moving parts that make up a high-quality promotional video. Promotional corporate video is known as an investment that’s worth it in the long run. If you’re promoting a particular product, your crew is going to capture all of its best angles. If you’re promoting a service, you’re going to see the best footage utilized in the final product.

Promo videos do just that – they promote whatever it is you’re trying to sell consumers, so capturing top-quality moments are crucial for a high-quality video. A great promo video can make you stand out above competition and easily improve your sales.

In this video, we’re using our cutting-edge equipment to produce a video that promotes a 19-capsule microphone.

Animated Corporate Video

Animations are extremely effective in capturing your audience’s attention. With how many productions include live-action footage, you can truly get creative with an animated corporate video. People often use these types of videos to teach concepts, clarify misconceptions, and describe whatever it is you want your targeted audience to understand.

Due to the nature of animated videos, a narrator is almost always used, that way your viewers can have visual and audio to help them understand the content of your video. Motion graphics are flexible and an overall great way to display a message to your viewers.

In this video, we’re addressing the target audience of SkillsCo through a crisp, animated short.

Corporate Recruiting Video

If your organization is aiming to pull in new employees, students, or any other sort of figure in society, a corporate recruiting video is right up your alley.

The neat part about this type of video is that it doesn’t fit any particular design. Since your goal is to attract people to your organization, you can utilize virtually any aspect of the production industry. (This means that it can be flexible for your budget.) From animation, to employee testimonials, to interviews, a recruitment video can incorporate any of it. As long as the video is authentic and well-edited, you’re all set.

In this video, we’ve captured some of the best angles of the 10 Salon to show what this beauty bar can offer its clients.

Celebrity Corporate Video

While this isn’t the most sought out type of corporate video production, celebrity corporate video is sure to pack a punch. Many companies and organizations will team up with celebrities for an upcoming project or a “special message” they might have for viewers.

Celebrity endorsements look good to people outside of your company, but it can be just as beneficial (if not more beneficial) for internal departments. If your employees know that they have support from celebrity figures, it makes working for your business all the more enticing. Celebrity content can really shake things up and excite employees for your upcoming project.

In this video, we’re presenting HomeAdvisors sales representatives input from Vanilla Ice himself regarding the “Vanilla Ice Project.”

Corporate Event Video

Last, but certainly not least, corporate event video is one of the most sought out types of video production. Whether you’re attending a small conference or a large event at a convention center, event videography is timeless. It can be used in many departments in your company, such as marketing and employee training.

You can live stream an event or host a webcast if you’re looking for an immersive experience; on the other hand, you can record footage for a video highlight reel that captures all of the highlights from your event. Honestly, if you’re attending an event where footage can be beneficial for you, event video is the way to go.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your corporate video production project.


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