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How to Make a Good Short Video

The best gifts come in small packages. The same is often true when it comes to video. Some of the most powerful videos are short and captivating. Social media channels feature millions of short videos that are watched by consumers on a daily basis. Do you know how to make a good short video for your social channels?

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Short Video Specifications

First, you need to understand the specifications that go into great social media videos.

The best short videos are:

  • Under 60 seconds in length. Usually between 5 and 30 seconds.
  • Capture the viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds at most.
  • Use catchy graphics that captivate the audience.
  • Include text that builds a sense of curiosity.
  • Inspire the customer to take action with a solid call-to-action.
  • Use visuals to deliver the core message.

Step 1: Write Script

The first step to a successful short video is to write the script. Since the video is to be short, you don’t need a long script. In fact, the script should be kept to one or two pages at most to ensure the video remains in the 30 second or less timeframe.

Step 2: Choose Location

choosing a location from map

The next step is to choose a shooting location based on the style and tone of your film. A good shoot location will allow you to film without audio interruptions. Avoid dark spaces where the camera will struggle to capture the footage.

Step 3: Prepare for Shoot

As you prepare for the shoot, consider any lighting or camera equipment that will be needed to make the most of your production. Now is the time to do a quick test of camera angles and equipment to ensure everything is in working order and ready for the main shoot.

Step 4: Capture Footage

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The next step is to capture your footage. Consider multiple camera angles, B-roll and the use of engaging scenes to ensure the success of your short video. As the footage is captured, make sure audio capture is of top quality.

Step 5: Edit the Footage

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In editing, the short video will receive added special effects, graphics and color correction to ensure it is top quality. Editing will likely take longer than the production process. Make sure that care is taken to ensure captivating transitions and proper flow for maximum engagement of your short video.

Step 6: Distribution

Social Media

One the final cut is ready you can plan the distribution of your short video. If distributing on multiple social networks, consider the proper length for each network and prepare to make adjustments to the film as needed to ensure the length meets best standards for the platform you are sharing on.

Still now sure how to make a good short video? Call Beverly Boy Productions for help producing a short video for social media that will engage your audience. We’re always happy to help.

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