5 Things to Consider Before a Corporate Video Production Project

Before you begin your corporate video production do you know what you should prepare for? Have you determined your budget and the objectives? Do you know what to look for when choosing a video production company to work with? Is your storyboard ready? Do you have a plan for promotion and distribution? These are the 5 things to consider before a corporate video production project gets started.

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Before you begin production of a corporate video, you must determine the budget that you have available. You simply cannot create videos without allocating the appropriate budget to the project.

Not only do you need to define the budget, but you need to communicate it to everyone involved in the project. This way there is a baseline understanding of what to expect and what you need to achieve.

If you’re unsure as to how you should determine your budget, consider contacting a video production agency upfront so that they can help you understand the necessary costs that come along with production.


The next major step to getting started with corporate video production is to make sure you have determined the objectives of the video. What do you want to accomplish with the video? You can’t just set out to create a “great” video. You need to have clearly set goals and objectives.

For instance, you may want to create a video that will help you to boost sales by 5% or maybe you want to produce a video that will educate your viewers on a specific product or service you offer. Without an objective, you have no way to determine the success of the content later on.

Choosing a Production Company

Once you have a defined budget and objectives have been set, you can begin looking for a video production company to help you with your content. Videographers help you to produce content that will be beneficial for your business, but only if they are successful in the work that they do.

As you prepare to search for a video production company that will produce top quality content for your business, consider the following:

● Low budget isn’t always best.
● A company that is familiar with your business or industry can be highly beneficial.
● Consider a video production company with experience in all areas of production.
● Make sure you are happy with the skills of the company and their past work.
● Don’t be afraid to call around, ask for information and compare.


Your video production company will help you with the creation of a storyboard for your corporate video production project. The storyboard must be created before you shoot the video. The amount of money that you budget for pre-production storyboard creation will play a key role in how defined your storyboard is.

Consider the following when creating the storyboard for your corporate video production project:

● Key messages to be communicated.
● Key call to action items.
● Where to include branding.
● The general concept of the video.
● The style of the video.
● How you will deliver the core message.
● What shots will be needed.

Promotion & Distribution

planned media distribution

Now is the time to plan the promotion and distribution of your video content. There are many opportunities online to promote and to distribute your corporate video. Consider distributing your video on your own website, through social media, in your email, and through various other verticals relative to your industry.

As you think about promotion and distribution, pay special attention to ensuring that you are delivering your content to the appropriate audience. Adding your video to the places where your target audience can be found will help you to achieve success.

These 5 things to consider before a corporate video production project will help you in outlining a successful video that delivers on the goals you set out to achieve.

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