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Non-Profits Live Stream Events & Galas to Stay Engaged Despite Social Distancing

Non-profit organization events often face the challenge as to whether or not live streaming non-profit events and galas are worth the expense and effort. But in a world where social distancing is the new household term, perhaps live streaming events should be a new way of life for everyday non-profits? We’re discussing why live streaming events for non-profit organizations is an absolute must both amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and even after life returns to normal in the United States, and beyond.

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Should Non-Profits Live Stream Events?

This question comes up all the time. Is the investment worth it? Will live streaming events for nonprofits result in the revenue to make up for the added expense associated with non-profit livestream production?

The answer is–most likely, YES. Nonprofit organization events that are livestreamed face the potential to be shared and appreciated more than those that are offered only on an in-person level. In fact, non-profit event producers that really want to make the most of the events they actively promote do so by streaming a video to others via a live stream.

But Live Streaming is Hard…Isn’t It?

NO! There is a major myth that often prevents great non-profit organizers from offering a live stream production of their non-profit events to those who cannot otherwise attend in person and it’s the myth that live streaming events is hard or expensive and not worth the effort. Those are myths–they are not true!

The reality is, live streaming events, such as nonprofit livestream programs, is both an affordable and effective option that is easy to achieve with the right resources.

Live stream production teams, such as Beverly Boy Productions, can help you successfully broadcast your nonprofit event to a worldwide audience with ease. Wouldn’t you love to engage more people and allow your event to be shared with those outside the immediate area?

Important Live Stream Event Decisions for Nonprofit Owners

Once you’ve decided to live stream your event, a few important decisions must be made. Just like any other marketing or fundraising practice, live streaming your nonprofit event requires a little bit of planning and some tech savvy support to make sure you provide guest viewers with the best possible experience.

This is where a professional live video production crew comes into play. With supportive resources on your side, the next steps to live streaming your nonprofit event or gala begin with answering these questions:

  • What kind of value will your livestream event offer to outside supporters?
  • Will you offer something special to those who support your event versus those who attend only?
  • Will you provide the livestream via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other feed?
  • Will you offer VIP guests access to a live recording of the event after the official event has closed?
  • Will your event attendees be “okay” with being on camera? How will you tell them that you are recording the event?
  • Will you fundraise or accept donations from event attendees via the Live Stream?
  • What will you show during things like Cocktail hour, silent auctions or dinner time?
  • Can you promote your event and the live stream production equally?

Contact Team Beverly Boy

Team Beverly Boy

As you consider these questions and the steps you can take towards engaging your audience despite the social distancing that is currently taking place as a result of COVID-19, don’t be afraid to reach out to Beverly Boy Productions about live streaming your non-profit events.

We’re ready to help you with nonprofit livestream production that will captivate your audience and generate additional value for your supporters. We can’t wait to help you get started!