Title Youtube video optimization tips to live by

Quick YouTube Video Optimization Tips to Live By

Getting the most out of your YouTube channel requires more than just creating great video content and loading it to YouTube for the world to see. The most profitable YouTube channels all have one major element in common in addition to great video content–they all optimize their channels for search. If you’re wondering how you can streamline your YouTube video optimization to get the most out of your YouTube channel, follow along as we outline top tips and best practices.

Include Personal Thumbnails

Youtube video thumnail optimization

You don’t have to always include a human face on your YouTube thumbnails, but if you can do your best to include a human face as often as possible, you’ll see an increase in your click-through rate. People connect with people and when they see a human face on the YouTube thumbnail they are more likely to click to see the rest of the video.

Use Bright Thumbnail Graphics

Bright, bold or otherwise standoffish graphics are what wins over the viewers on YouTube. When creating your YouTube thumbnail image for your videos make sure that you have taken time to include bright colors, flashy text, and lettering that is bold and brave. This will attract viewers.

Wordy Descriptions Sell

Unlike what we tell you about descriptions for all other social channels, with YouTube, wordy descriptions that are a bit longer than the “norm” are what seems to generate the highest click-through rate and viewer response. You’ll allowed up to 5,000 characters for your YouTube video description so as you’re focusing your efforts on YouTube video optimization, consider adding some hashtags, buzzwords and related video links into your keyword-rich YouTube video descriptions.

Catchy Titles

Youtube video title optimization

This isn’t catch and release–you want to catch and keep! YouTube titles that include hashtags and even the occasional pun are likely to generate the most click-throughs and video views so don’t be afraid to get creative here and catch your viewer by surprise. When focusing on YouTube video optimization, make sure your titles are 100 characters or less so they do not get truncated and consider tying your title to major events or other popular hashtag topics for added exposure.


Do yourself a favor and don’t use the automatic transcription service by YouTube. Most auto transcribers aren’t the best and will leave something to be desired. However, you can use the transcription service as a baseline and then edit the transcribed content so that it has proper subtitles, keyword use, and clarity. Just make sure that you’re including video transcriptions for all of your important YouTube videos to get maximum exposure in the search engines.

With these YouTube video optimization tips that you can use on every video you post, you’re sure to see your content viewed more and shared more. Need help creating YouTube videos for your audience? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to help you get started with your next YouTube video.

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