6 Tips for Creating Powerful Explainer Videos that Engage Viewers

Are you thinking of creating an explainer video that will show your viewers what your product or service is all about? With under two minutes to deliver the content to your audience, keeping them engaged is absolutely vital. We’ll show you hot to create powerful explainer videos that engage viewers throughout the process. Follow along.

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1. Write the Perfect Explainer Video Script

The value of your explainer video boils down to the script. A well written script is the foundation of a great explainer video. Everything about the video is built off of the script. Therefore, you should really consider having someone outside your organization write the script for your explainer video content.

Why? Because only a fresh set of eyes can truly view your product or service with the freshness that it takes to devise an explanation that will resonate with a wide audience. You’re too close to the project, hire a professional to help with the script.

2. Keep it Short

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It’s funny how frequently the sentence, “keep it short.” comes up when discussing key tips or practices related to video content. However, it’s true. The best explainer videos are kept short and to the point. Now is not the time to haggle on about elements that add little value or meaning to the video.

The idea is to hook the viewer so that they are interested and remain engaged for the full duration of the video, whether it’s a 30-second, 60-second, or 90-second explainer video that you create.

Rule of Thumb

As a good rule of thumb, an explainer video will have about 150 words per minute. The amount of video footage that is used to deliver the details will also play a key role.

Some explainer videos will require more content and others may do well with less. Think about the audience as well. You don’t want to speak too fast, or too slow.

3. Keep it Simple

If your explainer video is going to be short, it must be simple. You can’t possibly explain a highly detailed and complex topic in a short video. Or can you?

Actually, you could explain detailed and complex topics but even those will be kept short and simple as it applies to the audience that is seeing the content. What is simple for one audience may not be so simple to the next. So keep your audience always in mind.

Great explainer videos provide the following details:

● An outline of the problem – what do customers struggle with?
● An outline of the solution – how does your product or service help?
● A quick overview of how it works – describe the process.
● A call to action – what do you want the viewer to do?

4. Deliver Details on Benefits

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Your explainer video should detail the benefits of your product or service, not just the features. Whether you’re showcasing an entirely new product or you’re speaking about an existing product that needs some new, fresh eyes interested in what you have to offer, the details should be focused on the benefits as they relate to the audience.

Instead of explaining how your product has some technical feature that makes it capable of a particular task, discuss the benefits of the feature. Tell the audience how your product will improve their lives. Give them details on the benefits.

5. Use Professional Narration or Voiceover

Narration or the voiceover that you choose to represent your brand in the explainer video can make or break the engagement of your audience. A soft spoken voiceover may be great for an audience of women or young children, but will likely lose interest if your audience is mostly men.

Consider the tone and ability of your voiceover or narrator to deliver the content of your script in an engaging manner. Now is not the time to let poor audio ruin your explainer video.

6. Include Visual Graphics

Finally, include visual graphics in your explainer video to keep the viewer engaged with the content. Remember, an audience that sees, hears, and says something is most likely to remember.

Consider the inclusion of graphics that are likely to make your audience think or say something relevant about the product that you are explaining. Professional looking visuals add a layer of excitement to your explainer video content.

Need help creating powerful explainer videos that engage viewers? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808. We’ll put our two decades of production experience to work creating explainer videos that will captivate your audience.

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