Improve Employee Efficiency with Employee Training Videos

Improve Employee Efficiency with Employee Training Videos

Business owners spend a lot of time training new employees to ensure they can properly and comfortably perform the tasks they are hired to take on. But what happens when business owners can’t spend extra time training and the employee is already on duty? Lack of training can lead to lack of productivity and reduced efficiency. However, you can improve employee efficiency with employee training videos. We’re showing you how. And feel free to check out our other article where we give tips for creating training videos.

Interactive Employee Training Videos for Improved Retention

Studies show that employees that learn their skills via video retain as much as 90% of what they see on the training clips. This is compared to the 65% of information that most employees retain after a full week of training hands on. Pairing visual clips with the information needed to help the employee understand the task leads to higher retention of the data. The result is an employee that understands his or her role and is more efficient in the completion of tasks.

Training Videos for Employees Increase Engagement

Employees may decline to ask questions if they think you have already delivered the information to them. They don’t want you to think they were not listening or that their question is dumb. However, if they have questions about a process or task, and they are afraid to ask, the result can be the employee performing the task incorrectly and inefficiently. But, employee training videos allow the employee to go back and rewatch to answer their questions. They don’t have to feel silly for asking, and they still get the answer they need to perform the task efficiently.

Training Videos Save Time

Videos can be uniquely developed so that they cover topics specific to each position. This way, an employee can watch only the videos that pertain to their role and will not waste time in other areas. Where an employee may require 7 full days of hands-on training, just 1 day of videos may be enough to train the employee and release him or her to begin working. This is much more efficient for both the employer and the employee.

Training Videos are Easily Accessible

Finally, employees that receive their training through video have the benefit of accessing the training anytime, anyplace. This improves efficiency because there is no need for the training of a new employee to be coordinated with other schedules. Your management team can simply deliver the training video content via email instruction and the employee can begin watching right away. No need to sit through training meetings and other tasks while waiting for a scheduled manager to provide training assistance.

Here’s a training video produced by Beverly Boy Productions:

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