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Top 7 Customer testimonial video production Tips.

Team Beverly Boy can help you create your customer testimonial video production:

In today’s over saturated media landscape, it is important to carve out as much of your potential clients’ attention as possible. What better way to achieve this than by having a current client sing your praises with a customer testimonial video production. We have been crafting client testimonials for over 18 years.

But in the past few years we have seen a huge rise in interests and have noticed a trend. Our customers are not only doing one testimonial video anymore, we are now seeing multiple orders come in. Our clients are interested in interviewing their customers from many different cities and compiling a number of testimonials for their website and social media.

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Filming customer testimonial videos nationwide and across the globe

We have answered the call and have been able to utilize our unique infrastructure of talented film crews in every major market to answer this call. Our clients have used our services to compile customer interviews from their clients all across the globe. With Team Beverly Boy there is no travel or lodging fee because all of our crews are local to the region. We can seamlessly organize, schedule film, edit, and deliver a final polished customer testimonial video production-ready for your audience to see in a matter of weeks, even days.
One of our many clients discussing how these very services have helped their business:

Testimonial video production examples:

Based on our years of experience filming literally thousands of customer testimonial videos we have compiled this list of tips. we will discuss the art and science, as well as the importance of lighting and sound in a customer testimonial. Later we talk more about selecting the right client to give you the most authentic interview. We also discus framing, and composition to insure an effective well rounded testimonial video. Finally, as you read along we will show testimonial video samples.

(1) Customer testimonial video production: Understanding the Art and Science

The first tip is to understand that there is an art and science to this craft. At face value, creating a customer testimonial video production might seem like one of your easier production shoots, and for the most part, it is. A subject sits down in front of the camera, you turn on the audio and roll camera, you ask the subject questions, they answer, end of shoot. Easy, peezy, right? Wrong. As in most things film and video, it’s easier said than done. Even something as simple as conducting a client interview can present a crew with a series of problems that, if not dealt with in an efficient manor, can create havoc in the editing room.

Filming a Testimonial on a FS7
Filming a Testimonial on a FS7

(2) Video testimonial company: Selecting and controlling your space

 When selecting where your interview is going to be conducted the right Video testimonial company understands that you don’t want to have to fight the environment of your space. Visually, you don’t want the space to overpower your subject. The viewer should be paying attention to the subject being not interviewed, not what’s around them.

Your background shouldn’t pull focus from your subject, it should be exactly that, background. A quick fix for a background that might seem somewhat distracting, create a depth of field that pulls the background out of focus and a sharp focus on your subject.

Here is a customer testimonial video we produced in Tampa FL.

(3) Best customer testimonial videos: Have great composition  

Framing your shot is an essential but simple process in achieving the best customer testimonial videos. First, decide what you want the “feel” of your interview to be. A wide shot would give you the ability to capture more background and perhaps illustrate or describe the environment the subject is talking about. For example, a teacher talking about the school she works for. A wide shot could capture students playing in the background, or the classroom itself.

For a more intimate, emotional feel, a tight shot would be more effective. Interviewing the survivor of a traumatic event, or a person remembering a loved one dictates that your shot should be tight enough to capture the emotion in the subjects’ face. Not too close, obscure what your viewer is seeing, but tight enough to pick up the gravity of what’s being said. Some of the best customer testimonial videos that we have produced have just the right composition to best tell the story.

This client testimonial video we filmed in St Louis, at the University of Missouri

 (4) Great testimonial videos: Have great audio  

When trying to achieve great testimonial videos, you must avoid at all costs an environment where you can’t control the audio. While it might look cool to conduct an interview on the beach, the wind and the water will wreak havoc on your audio. In general, outdoor interviews can be problematic. Planes passing over, car horns, animals, you name it. Your best bet would be an indoor interview, especially if it’s an in-depth interview of more than a few questions.

When trying to create great testimonial videos, you will want to plan the optimal location for sound. Remember you can always use great b-roll to insert into the video later in post. Select a location that is sound friendly, and once you have captures amazing sound bites, you can always break away to film those beautiful beach shots, midday traffic shots, and people walking down the street.

(5) Customer testimonial video: framing and eyeline

Allow your subject “look room”. Always frame your subject to the opposite side that they are looking. For example, you can frame your subject left, so that they can look right to establish the subjects eye line. Try to have your interviewer sit right next to the camera, this keeps your subject looking just off to the side, too far to the right can seem awkward. Another option would be to place the subject in the center of the frame and speak directly to the camera.

This approach could be used to make it seem as if the subject were talking directly to the view and draw them in. Other little tricks employ adjusting the camera height. Shooting above the subjects’ eye line and can create the feel of the subject being small or less powerful. It can also be used to hide aspects of the subject they are less than confident about, a double chin, missing teeth, ext. To shoot below a subjects’ eye line creates an illusion of power or dominance.

We shot this client testimonial in New Jersey, highlighting time-lapse, b-roll, and aerials


(6) Client testimonial videos: the importance of lighting

The standard approach to lighting effective Client testimonial videos is called three-point lighting, and as its title points out, it consists of using three lights to illuminate your subject. The “Key  light” is used as the main source of light on the subject, “Fill”, which controls the contrast on the subject by filling in the shadows cast by the key light, and finally the “Edge” light which separates the subject from the background.

Of course, you don’t want your key light to be too hard on your subject, so the use of “soft boxes” or diffusers can be used to soften the direct light on your subject. It’s also a neat trick to use gels, perhaps a blue or orange gel in particular on your edge light to create a contoured look in the back light of your subject.

Below is our testimonial demo reel, giving you a glance at recent interviews we have shot

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