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Tips & Tricks to Include Videos in Your Sales Process

Videos can be used for more than just marketing to consumers. They represent a great opportunity to be used during sales presentations and various other stages of the sales process. Follow these three tips and tricks to include videos in your sales process.

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Use Video to Confirm Scheduling

Sales professionals can use pre-recorded schedule videos to confirm appointments while proving to viewers that they are in fact a real, live person. This is especially helpful for internet businesses that people may not fully trust just yet. Here’s how it works:

  • Record a video for each day of the week that you schedule sales appointments. If you schedule appointments only Monday through Friday, you will have 5 videos. If you schedule appointments 7 days a week, then you will make 7 videos.
  • On the video, you will say something to the effect of, “Hi there! I’m just checking in with you before our call Wednesday. Is there any additional information you need from me prior to the call?” You will change the day for each video, so for Monday you will say, “Hi there! I’m just checking in with you before our call Monday…” If your meeting is in-person, you can change the wording to say meeting instead of “call.” Adjust the wording so that it works for your unique situation.

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Include Videos in Your Sales Process

Sending these videos to everyone you have scheduled for the particular day will help those people to feel like you value their time, you value your own time, and you are a real, live person. It’s relatively easy to ignore an appointment made with someone you have never seen or formally met before, but it’s not as easy to blow someone off if you have put a face to the name.

In addition to the videos that you create confirming the daily meetings, you can also create videos for the no-shows to attempt to set another appointment. With these you would say something to the effect of, “I’m sorry we weren’t able to connect on Wednesday! Just wondering if something came up and hoping that you’re okay? If you’d like to reschedule, let me know!” Again, you can change out the day of the week so as have a video response for each day that you would have scheduled appointments.

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Use Video to Engage Cold-Prospects

If you have already gone through the hard work of qualifying prospects, you can use video to continue building the relationship and to followup even after the communication has gone cold. If part of your sales process is to provide a demo of a particular product or service, consider making followup videos to address the details that you provided in the demo and offer additional information to prospects.

The video message can go something like, “Hi there, it was great to meet you during the demo of [insert product/service name]. I really enjoyed hearing about what your company is doing and how [insert your business name] might be a good fit. I just wanted to follow up with this limited time offer that we’ve got going on until the end of the month. Let’s connect.” Of course you can alter the wording so that it is relative to your business. The goal here is to show the prospect that you are thinking of them and to help remind them who you are, what you’re selling and how it can benefit them.

Similarly, if you haven’t heard from a prospect for a long time, you can reach out to them with a video that simply says, “Hey there. I haven’t heard from you in a while and just want to make sure everything is okay?” continue with a quick reminder of who you are, what your product or service is and how it can help. Video is less likely to be ignored than any other form of media used in the sales process.

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Use Video to Check in with Leads

For sales processes that take some time to close, keeping your face and the voice of your business front and center in the prospect’s mind is vital. You can use video to check in with leads and keep the momentum to purchase your product or service moving forward. Regular status check-ins will keep your product or service fresh in the mind of those who are interested in purchasing.

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Check Videos

If there are certain issues that arise or situations that tend to stall the sales process, consider making status check videos that address the specific objections that occur. For instance, you may have a video that addresses major questions that consistently arise before a prospect is ready to close the deal. You could create the video to say something like, “Hi there, I just wanted to check in with you and see if there’s anything you need from me following our previous call? A question that I’ve noticed comes up frequently is whether our product can [insert function here]. Here’s a little bit of detail on that works in case it’s something you’ve been wondering about.”

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In addition to this type of video, businesses benefit greatly from producing instructional and FAQ videos that answer major questions that are asked frequently. The video answers not only help the consumer out, but can reduce call volume into the business for “help” or “Support” and improve the user experience as they have a stronger, better understanding of the core product or services. Your business wins, and your customer wins!

We hope these tips and tricks to include video in your sales process help you and your team close more deals. For help creating any of the videos listed above, give Beverly Boy Productions a call.. We’ll get started right away!