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10 Types of Video Content Marketing that are Most Effective

Video content marketing or just “video marketing,” represents a powerful means of connecting with consumers that need your products or services worldwide, nationally, or just locally in your own town. No matter how large, or small, your business is, various types of video content can be used to effectively market your goods and services to consumers that are ready and waiting to make a purchase. We’ve outlined some of the most effective types of video content to help you get started with video marketing.

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1. Video Interviews

single person interview

The interview video is a traditional style that works well when marketing your business on a professional level. Video interviews can be used to allow your CEO to share your corporate story with the world. Interview style videos are also great for providing prospects with a Q&A style approach to better understanding the products or services offered by your brand.

2. Event Videos

event videos to share

Video content marketing that utilizes major events represents an ideal opportunity to connect with consumers that are not able to attend your event for one reason or another.

Event video production can be rather costly, so make sure you’ve spoken in depth with whomever will produce your event video and have your budget as well as associated costs outlined in writing.

Because event videos are so popular now, many businesses do great live streaming the entire event. Consider providing your customers with the option to watch a live streamed version of the paid event if they are unable to attend in person.

This is a great way to make additional revenue for your business while you continue to market your brand on a wide scale.

3. Tutorial Videos

In the early stages of the content marketing mix, tutorial videos that provide consumers with a chance to get to know your products and services more intimately are ideal.

Oftentimes, it’s these tutorial videos that lead to a sale of the product or service. Helping your customers or prospective customers learn how to use the products and services you sell to the fullest advantage is also ideal for customer retention–a win/win situation.

4. Animated Videos

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Animated videos represent a means of video content marketing that can be used to actively explain some of the more complex topics relative to a brand’s products or services. Using digital animations, businesses and brands are able to explain complex topics to consumers in a fraction of the time – and animations are fun to watch, too!

5. Testimonial Videos

Filming a Testimonial interview on a FS7

Marketing and promoting your business is hard work. When past customers will back up your claims of a job well-done or a product worth buying, you MUST include the details for other consumers to see! Testimonial videos are ideal in the final decision making stages of your marketing funnel as they help the consumer to “Say yes!” to buying your brand.

A testimonial video that includes a customer that speaks the language of your potential customers will draw in that community and build trust. It’s a great marketing approach for your brand.

6. Corporate Culture Videos

corporate culture

Marketing your business with corporate culture videos represents a key opportunity to share the details of your business with others. Corporate culture videos build a sense of awareness with consumers as to how your brand operates behind the scenes. These are ideal for connecting with the consumer in a way that helps them to feel like they can trust and relate with your brand.

7. Video Presentations TED Talk Style

Presenting your business in TED Talk style allows you to inspire consumers to feel like they can relate and connect with your brand on a deeper level. Well produced video presentations that are shared on your website, social media, and YouTube channels are often watched and shared in a viral way resulting in huge reach for your brand. Just make sure you hire a video production company that knows full well what they’re doing and has talented speakers and voice talent.

8. Product Review Videos

studio for rent

Product reviews maximize consumer interest in your product by providing a past review of everything there is to know about the product. These videos are ideal for your marketing mix as they can be used to build awareness and trust in the products that you’re selling. Sharing the pros and cons of a purchase with consumers in a quick, easy to follow video will almost certainly increase conversions for your brand.

9. “A Day in the Life Of” Videos

Also referred to as Vlogging, or Video Blogging, these videos represent a powerful connection tool that can be used to build the relationship between your brand and your customer. Vlogging can be as simple as sharing what you’re eating or doing, showing how you work at the office, or a day in the factory where your products are produced. With this form of video content marketing, consistency and repetition are key so the best thing you can do is pull out the video camera and just start recording.

10. Professional Webinars

Virtual face-to-face meetings

Businesses that sell difficult to understand products or services, especially software tools, benefit greatly from professionally recorded webinars. This form of video content marketing is effective as it provides the consumer with deep insight into the business and the services or features of the product that will help the consumer most.

Webinars are an ideal addition to your marketing mix if you frequently notice customers struggling to make the best use of your product and there’s a feasible way to share how to use the product via your computer screen.

Need help producing any of these forms of video content for your marketing mix? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today at 888-462-7808! We cannot wait to help you start promoting your business and brand more prominently with videos. Get the most out of your video content marketing, give Team Beverly a call today!