How to Create a Corporate Video in 5 Easy Steps

How to Create a Corporate Video 

Interested in how to create a Corporate video? You’ve come to the right place! Corporate videos are great for businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand. These allow the corporation to tell a story from their point of view and help emotionally connect with a wider audience. We’re showing you how to create a corporate video in 5 easy steps so that you can start sharing your brand voice.


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Step 1: Tell Your Story

Whether you are creating a corporate video for a product or service that you sell or you’re trying to educate viewers on the core values of your brand, the story that you tell makes a difference in whether viewers stick around or not. Keep your viewers interested by providing an enjoyable, heartwarming, or emotionally connecting story that your audience will appreciate. This will help you foster a stronger relationship with your consumer while building a reputation for your brand.

Step 2: Short & Sweet

Keep the length of the video short enough to get the information and story out without being overly long and detailed. Your viewers will thank you. Most corporate videos are 30 seconds to a minute long. If you’re going to use a full minute, make sure your story is genuinely captivating! Most internet users have a very short attention span, so be prepared to take action and tell your story in a speedy way.

Step 3: Be Unique

Don’t you dare copy what others are doing! The easiest way to lose interest in a viewer is to give them a story or idea that they’ve already seen before. Give your audience a fresh new presentation that they haven’t seen over and over again. Provide an interesting concept that offers a unique insight into your brand to connect deeply with your audience and stand out against competitors.


Step 4: Know Your Audience

As you create video content for your business, make sure you are focused on your audience. Deliver content that they will appreciate. This means you must take time to get to know your audience, what they want to see, what will make the most impact on them, and how to target them best. Your audience will be appreciative of your taking steps to deliver content that speaks to them.

Step 5: Keep the Sales Pitch to Yourself

In your journey on how to create a corporate video, remember corporate video content should not deliver a sales pitch. Users are not interested in sharing internet TV commercials, but they will share content that educates or touches on their emotions. Providing corporate content that connects with your audience and does not try to actively sell them a product or service will be much more effective than delivering a commercial–so lose the sales pitch for now.

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