Top 4 Video Types for Building Brand Awareness

If you’re trying to build brand awareness, video offers an excellent opportunity that viewers can resonate with, recognize, and remember. In fact, using video to tell a story about your brand, the culture of your business, or the history of your products or services can stick with the audience, improving their later recognition of your brand when it matters most.

In today’s marketing environment, having powerful brand awareness videos that deliver emotionally connecting stories about your brand may make the difference in whether you succeed–or fail.

With so many ways to build brand recognition and awareness, it can be difficult to plan the marketing path that you’re taking. While we can’t ascertain exactly what story will be best for your brand, we do know that certain video types help to build brand awareness more than others. These brand awareness videos come in all different shapes and sizes. The most effective approaches are as follows.

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1. Product Demonstrations

Nothing grasps the viewer’s attention more and resonates with them better than a product demonstration that firsthand shows how your product helps to solve a problem that the consumer regularly struggles with. Product demonstration videos boost brand awareness by showing the consumer exactly how your products work to solve real-world problems that they have.

How does a product demonstration boost brand awareness? Consumers gauge the value and usefulness of a product based on the content they have seen. When they see a product demonstration or several product demonstrations that appear to solve the problems that they are struggling with, they connect that with your brand. The result: the consumer already trusts that your brand is what they need.

2. Customer Testimonials

Customers connect with brands that they trust and they devise trust in brands based on how others feel. When you share customer testimonial videos, you can bet others are going to find trust in your brand simply because they saw a similar person, from similar background or demographics with a similar story to theirs that trusts in the brand.

Testimonial videos can be used in social media, on your website, and in your email to boost brand awareness and increase the total trust flow that you have. Happy customers share their success and love for your brand with others which stick to the minds of those who may not have otherwise considered your brand prior to seeing the video.

camera crew filming testimonials

3. Promotions

Promotional videos that introduce your brand or the topics that your brand is relative to the audience can boost awareness.

In fact, promotional videos that are short, engaging, and entertaining help people to connect with your brand on a more personal level. Over time, consumers come to recognize the brands that they see most frequently in their news feeds and other sources online. If your promotions are the ones that keep popping up, chances of the consumer purchasing from you are significantly increased.

promotional content

4. Explainer Videos

Does your brand specialize in a particularly difficult to understand the subject? Or are you an expert in a particular industry? Explainer and tutorial videos that show your knowledge and insight in a particular industry or niche help to boost the brand awareness that consumers have.

When you think of brand awareness video ideas, you may not think of an educational video that explains something, and you may not think it is branded content,  but it is! Explainer videos help consumers understand your business and industry more. Including the color schemes, dynamics, and logos from your brand will help consumers to connect the details and expertise delivered in the video with your brand. Thus, they will see you as the expert and will be more aware when they need expertise in this niche again in the future.

explainer video

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