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How Much Do Customer Testimonial Videos Cost?

Customer testimonial video production can be complex, but there’s no doubt that they can bring awareness to your message, product, or campaign. But what exactly are customer testimonial videos? What do they entail, how can these services benefit your business. How Much Do Customer Testimonial Videos Cost? This is a question that is posed to us several times per week.

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There are several criteria that can determine the cost to film a customer video testimonial, including video length, type of gear used, days of filming, and more. At the end of the day the cost is ultimately determined by you. The average cost of a customer testimonial could  range between $3,500 to $15,000 it all depends on a series of variables. 

What is a customer testimonial?

Essentially, customer testimonials do the job for you. They’re a powerful way to bridge the gap between your business and potential customers. Through impactful words and a relatable narrative, customer stories and experiences reach future customers in a way regular commercials can’t. Customer testimonial videos, also known as customer story videos and case study videos, are videos that include one or more customers presenting their positive experiences with your business through an interview.

See the behind the scenes of several customer testimonial videos in the making.

How can your business benefit from a customer testimonial?

As stated earlier, when you invest money in customer testimonial videos, you’re investing in an advertisement that will bridge the gap between you and your customers. When people discuss their experiences with your business and how it made a positive impact on their lives, they’re testifying your credibility and quality as a business. Customer testimonial videos are similar to customer reviews, but they take it a step further.

Basically, they provide both visuals and impactful statements. These two aspects of customer testimonials, effective video and audio, play a huge part in customer decision-making! Again, customers are doing the job for you. What’s better than that?

What are some qualities of a great testimonial video?

Customer testimonial videos are an extremely effective way to build credibility and solidify your relationship with pre-existing customers, but investing money in an ineffective testimonial can have its consequences. Speakers that share their personal stories, respond authentically, and maintain confidence in their testimony are the most effective at “bridging the gap.”

Additionally, your video should feature a clear problem/solution narrative. Your message, such as what kind of problems you solve and how you can benefit your customers, should always be explicitly stated in customer testimonial videos. To help tell the story its sometimes good to include compelling motion graphics and an animated intro and outro.

Here is a sample of a great customer testimonial video we produced that includes animation elements and motion graphics

How long does it take to create your customer testimonial project?

Between shooting, editing, and preparing your top-quality video, customer testimonials can take roughly 4 to 6 weeks to develop.

The process goes as follows: Pre-production, production, post-production. During pre-production, the producer will prepare speakers with the content of the interview, such as what topics to discuss. After the filming process, editors will review all of the footage. They’ll pick out the best dialogue and visual moments before adding soft music and cleaning up sound for quality purposes. Once the video has been finalized, we will prepare it for exporting and file delivery.

How much do customer testimonial videos cost?

When producing a customer testimonial video, your budget should also consider (1) how many people are being filmed, (2) where your project is filmed, and (3) how many crew members are required to make your video happen. All of these aspects to customer testimonials play a part in how much money you’ll need to invest in it. So how much do customer testimonials cost? depending on the details of your project, customer testimonial services usually cost $3,500-$15,000. If your project requires location rental, wardrobe or makeup stylists, catering, long-distance accommodations, or specialized technicians, it may cost more.

It’s extremely important to invest your money into a video production company that puts your business in a good light! For more information on your future customer testimonial video, contact us.