6 Tips for Short Advertisement Commercials that Persuade an Audience

6 Tips for Short Advertisement Commercials that Persuade an Audience

Short TV commercials offer a unique way to engage customers when done right. However, with so many short advertisement commercials produced and seen on a given day, what you do to stand out against the competition could make or break your business. These 6 tips for short advertisement commercials that persuade an audience will help you get started in the right direction.

  1. Tug the Heartstrings

You can’t be overly emotional, but if you can deeply tug at the heartstrings of the viewer you have a chance to persuade them. Short TV commercials that connect with the audience can produce powerful results for your business. Not sure how to connect that deeply? Consider a narrative that showcases unique relationships between your consumer.

  1. Coordinate the Message to Your Brand

You take a lot of time to develop a core mission for your brand. Now is the time to coordinate the message of your mission of your brand to your commercial. Persuasive TV advertisements that use logos, colors, styles and techniques that coordinate the core message of your brand throughout the ad are more likely to encourage viewers to take action.

  1. Tell a Story

Commercials and short advertisements that tell a unique story persuade viewers to take action. Develop a story that clearly portrays your brand voice and suits the theme and objectives of your commercial. You have just 15 to 30 seconds to get the point across. Your concept should be clear and easy to communicate to the audience both visually and with your dialogue.

  1. Use Humor if Possible

Humor has way of connecting with people and making them feel positive. Not all commercials can utilize humor though. If you provide humor, the commercial will leave a lasting impression in the mind of the audience. When they later think of a product or service relative to your brand, they will automatically think of your commercial.

  1. Be Individual

Encourage viewers to be themselves by promoting individuality through your commercial. Much like we often try to get viewers to come together and support a cause that everyone agrees with, commercials can be used to persuade viewers to think differently about a subject that they may have previously felt a particular way about. For instance, a “real women” ad that shows women of all body shapes and sizes versus the traditional commercials that include women of a specific petite figure.

  1. Provide Pure Enjoyment for Your Audience

The greatest way to persuade the audience is to show them a commercial that provides pure joy. If the audience is not overjoyed by the content of your commercial, they are not likely to be persuaded to do much of anything besides change the channel or keep scrolling so as not to see any more of the commercial. However, powerful TV ads that create a sense of joy and excitement can persuade viewers to do just about anything.

Here’s a 70 second commercial produced by Beverly Boy Productions to give you an idea of how we do things:

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