4 Ways a Short Video Production Company Hooks Your Viewer -- FAST

4 Ways a Short Video Production Company Hooks Your Viewer — FAST

You’ve got seconds to hook the viewer with your video, what will you do? A short video production company knows the right tactics and tricks to get your audience almost immediately hooked on the content of the video so that they can’t help but to stick around for more.

While generating that “audience hook” is almost always the primary initial goal of a video that you’ll share on social media or your website, few businesses are able to accomplish the goal the way a short video production company can. Here’s how they do it.

1. Visual Eye Candy Cover

thumbnail example

First and foremost, the best short video production company will not even worry initially about the video content, but more so the thumbnail content.

What is it in the video thumbnail that makes a user feel like they MUST watch? Short video production is based on the premise of only have 2 minutes or so to make the impression to the audience, but before that can even happen, the audience needs to see a cover image that eludes enough eye candy to attract them in for more. Do you have what it takes?

2. Real-World Problems

Corona virus Covid-19

Some of the best and most frequent ways for a short video production company to hook your audience comes with the design of the story or content they are delivering via the video.

Real-world problems are what attract people to sticking around for information — they legitimately WANT to know how they can solve the problem. If the audience believes that you have the solution, they will stick around.

Show your audience that you can help them in some way, and do it fast! You’ve got a couple of seconds to prove to them that you’re not just posting clickbait and you DO actually have a solution to their real-world problem.

3. Frame by Frame Perfection

BBP camera crew filming on location

A short video production company understands the value of every single frame and they know better than to waste even a second on content that doesn’t sell or interest the viewer.

Hooking the viewer in the first couple of seconds is the first major task. The next big task is to keep the viewer hooked by continuing to deliver frame by frame perfection. Short production companies use every frame like it’s the only one they’ve got — make it worth it!

4. Hook ‘em With a Story

The best short videos hook the viewer from the start and keep them engaged and interested by telling a story that the viewer can relate to. Telling a story that others relate to is a great way to keep viewers engaged for the duration of the video.

A short video production company will be able to produce videos for your that hook your viewer, keeps them engaged, and delivers ongoing interaction they can’t help but to remain involved in. It sounds like a lot, but a great short video production company like Beverly Boy Productions can make it happen!

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