Facebook Video Production Social Media Marketing for Business Owners

Facebook Video Production Social Media Marketing for Business Owners

It’s no surprise that Facebook is a great place for brands to market and post video content. With consumers spending more than 100 minutes per day online watching video content, Facebook and other social media platforms are incredibly attractive to the average consumer and more brands than ever are realizing that posting video content online via these platforms is important. Whether you’re entirely new to Facebook or you’ve been marketing on the platform for quite some time, these video production social media marketing tips for business owners that are interested in marketing on Facebook are for you!

Before you can professional market yourself or your content on Facebook, you need to know what the most popular types of video content are. Fortunately, Facebook has a variety of options for business owners that are interested in posting video content to the site. The most popular video content options for this social media platform include the use of Facebook stories, posting videos in Facebook posts, and incorporating video content into your Facebook banner.

Each of these areas has a unique opportunity for businesses to market their products and services and promote their brand online. When it comes to Facebook video production, social media marketing is incredibly focused on engagement and building excitement among a chosen audience. This is your opportunity to utilize your video content across the social media platform to grow your audience, increase awareness for your brand, and generate a strong reputation online.

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  1. Use Facebook Stories for Quick Gains

If you’re looking for a fast break at gaining awareness of your business online, the use of Facebook stories videos is the ideal opportunity for your brand. These are generally very short, quick, and sometimes funny snippets that reflect your day-to-day initiatives, behind-the-scenes events, and occurrences. 

For businesses engaging in video production, social media marketing on Facebook Stories is really about creating a sense of excitement around a particular concept each day. You might focus on a product or service launch one day, and on your brand building the next. The purpose here is to regularly and actively engage content that will make your brand stand out in the stories so that consumers become increasingly aware of your business and its operations online.

  1. Facebook Video Posts for Lasting Engagement

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Want to boost engagement to your feed and get a lasting outcome? Facebook video posts that incorporate short 1-2 minute videos into your feed are the way to go! For large and small businesses that engage in video production, social media marketing via Facebook posts on your page or platform are incredibly important because they are long-lasting. 

Once you post these types of video content, they become live on your Facebook page forever (or until you remove them personally).  These are incredibly useful for boosting engagement and grabbing your audience’s attention online.  Consider very specific formatting options when you produce these types of Facebook videos as the platform tends to prefer video be in a vertical or square aspect ratio so that visibility is maximized. 

  1. Improve Brand Recognition with Banner Video

When it comes to posting different types of video content on Facebook, you need to understand that each type of content plays a unique role in your marketing and advertising efforts. When it comes to corporate branding and improving the recognition viewers have of your brand, it’s important for business that engage in video production to utilizing social media marketing that includes professional branding.

To improve your brand recognition, post video that is branded to your corporation to your banner video on Facebook. For business owners that engage video production, social media marketing via the Facebook banner video that is shared will almost always increase audience recognition of a brand in this way. 

Your banner video essentially sits on your corporate profile page on Facebook’s platform. The types of video that are most likely to work here are those that do not have sound, and that play silently on repeat every 10 seconds or so.  Keep this in mind as you’re producing these types of video content for your business pages on Facebook’s social platform.

As you can see, Facebook really has a variety of video posting options for business owners that are interested in video production social media marketing via this corporate giant. If you’re new to Facebook, you’ll quickly find that engaging videos that deliver a unique audience experience of excitement and energy do best on the platform. 

Need help creating various types of videos for advertising on Facebook across the platform? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today to learn more about the various types of video production social media marketing that can take place across Facebook and how you can put video content to work for your brand! We’ll put our two decades of work to the test for your business producing professional quality Facebook videos for your brand!

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