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Top video production insights 2018 – Trends To Be Aware Of

The video trends that you can look for in 2018 are going to be a game-changer in how companies use video to tell their story and reach viewers. Last year, only about 61 percent of companies used videos in their marketing strategies. This year, that number is over 80 percent. This means that hiring a Top video production company to help you create a video campaign is not only a smart investment, but it’s vital to keeping you in the game. When deciding what video production agency to hire, check out some of the following trends to determine which will work for your brand.

Engaging Customers With Your Video Production

One of the biggest trends to come out of film campaigns has been engaging the customer via video and social media or apps. For example, a full service video production company can help you create exciting video content that is embedded directly to your website or application. A consumer enters their information into that app or site and the video is personalized to use their name and information. This tailors the video production to each customer so they feel as if you are speaking directly to them. If this is a service beneficial to your business, having a company that is familiar with website video production is key.

Promotional video production example

Building a Story line With a Video Production Studio

One thing that video marketing companies have done in the past is to create campaigns in one film. In 2018, we are seeing the trend of building a storyline through several smaller films that are posted on different platforms at once. This not only intrigues consumers, but it allows you to reach more people at once. To do this properly, you want to work with a video production studio who is capable of creating short films. You aren’t looking for just a video company, but rather a full service video production studio. You are going to need an organization to create continuity with multiple videos insuring they flow properly as they tell your story.

Offering Hybrid Video Production Services

Just as engaging and entertaining the customer is important, so is wowing them. That is where hybrid video production services come in. Hybrid video production means you will combine live events with video elements. Live streams are seeing a rise in popularity, so having a video production company that understands streaming and webcasting is imperative, but you also want a production house that can add in video elements, like a call to action chyron or lower third within the stream. In addition, you can have a webcast streaming while you also post a logo or inset a lower third graphic that asks the consumer to visit your website as a call to action.

We Live streamed portions of this event video

Work with Film Production Companies That Create Micro-Films

It is the age of information, but it is also the age of getting that information quickly and succinctly. Today’s consumer prefers videos that play in 15 seconds or less, and while that may not seem like a lot of time to do corporate videos, hiring film production companies that specialize in these micro-films is a smart move if this is a trend you want to capitalize on. Additionally, film production companies that have created micro-films for social media sites is where you really want to focus, because social media is where most users view and share these uber-short videos. This is video marketing at its finest in 2018

Sample of a corporate film to promote a service

Book a Production Company That Does Live Interviews

You have by now surely seen the “Live” videos posted to social media sites. That same idea is what is going to set cutting-edge companies apart from others who are behind in 2018. While choosing to do a live video by yourself from your phone may not seem appealing, you can work with a production company that does live interviews. The production company will simply set up a live-stream as you work with someone who interviews you or a member of your staff to tell a compelling story to your audience. Consumers love this because it makes you seem more approachable and gives them a glimpse into your company’s every day workings. If you plan to do this often, and you should, using a video production company that has resources close to you is wise because they can be readily available for these live interviews.

Customer testimonial video example

Hire a Video Production Agency That Understands Blogging

When you think of a video production agency, you think of film and not writing, but today’s market is combining blogs to tell a story and video to show that story. Some of the top production companies in the market are creating short films that have a call to action (ie: “Visit our website” messages) that help drive consumers to your website and blogs that keep them coming back to that website. Whether focusing on industrial video, or promotional videos, a good video production agency can even use videos within the blog to add more interest. Companies that maintain a blog have a loyal following because consumers feel like they get to know you, not just your product, on a personal level, but, again, today’s consumer wants to be entertained in a short amount of time, so that is where video comes in handy.

Digital marketing at its finest

When selecting the video production company that is going to help you create a trendy digital marketing campaign, it’s not enough to just search for “production companies near me,” anymore. You want to make sure you are hiring a company that knows all the latest trends in corporate videos that are hitting the market this year so that your company can stay ahead of the game. Even top advertising agencies use us regularly to churn out compelling digital marketing, and post production for their clients. Beverly Boy Productions knows how to keep you on top with films and other video services that are cutting-edge.