Tips for Professional Jacksonville Talking Head Video Production

Tips for Professional Jacksonville Talking Head Video Production

Producing talking head videos for your JAX area business is something that can help you to grow your audience, boost brand awareness, and generate strong consumer trust in your business. Whether you’re thinking about producing customer testimonial videos that you can share across Facebook and other social media platforms, you’re interested in producing educational style talking head videos that can be posted to your product pages or your email campaigns, or you’re interested in the creation of corporate interviews that show off the key details of your brand to the world, hiring a professional is key. 

Follow these tips for professional Jacksonville talking head video production that is not going to disappoint.

  1. Plan Your Audience Carefully

Before producing any talking head video, you need to carefully consider who your target audience is and why. Are you going to create a talking head video that targets an audience of people that don’t really know much about your brand? If so, you might provide an interview of your CEO who shares your brand’s mission and details. Are you going to create a talking head video that targets people that have heard about your business but haven’t purchased yet? If so, you might provide an interview of a customer that shares their experience with your business and their satisfaction. 

Taking steps to plan the audience that you will target before you hire a Jacksonville talking head video production crew is essential to ensuring the success of your video. You need to know who you are targeting, how you will target them, and what you can say or do to connect with them.

  1. Do Your Research Before Hiring a Production Crew

The next step is to do your homework. You should research each Jacksonville talking head video production company thoroughly before you make any hiring decisions. This includes not only checking references, but also reviewing past work, asking questions about your project specifically, and making sure that the company you might be considering for the job is:

  • Easy to work with and comfortable to talk to.
  • Ready to help with your project and passionate about what they do.
  • Able to complete your video within the timeline that you provide. 
  • Prepared to film your video within a budget that is acceptable to you.

Make sure you have watched past talking head videos that the JAX producer you’re thinking of hiring has created in order to ensure that they have a creative style that stands out to you.

  1. Use Professional Equipment

Not only should professional equipment be used to film a professional talking head video in Jacksonville, but professionals should use the equipment. As a business owner, unless you have a background in film or a you’re a passionate behind-the-scenes filmmaker, you probably don’t have the knowledge or time to learn how to operate professional film equipment ahead of the creation of your project.

Instead, hire a Jacksonville talking head video production company that is going to bring with them the expert equipment, and knowledge of how to use the equipment, so that you can focus more on providing insight into the type of project you’re interested in, and in focusing on your own work.

BBP camera crew 1-10

  1. Encourage the Use of B-Roll Footage

If you’re noticing that the Jacksonville talking head video production company that you hire isn’t actively incorporating b-roll into the project, make sure that you encourage it. You want to know that your video is going to tell a story, visually, to your audience. This means you’re going to need a lot more than just the interview on camera. You need plenty of b-roll coverage to provide the visual connections between the story and the audience so that you can keep them engaged and entertained.  Many companies will say that they film more b-roll footage than anything, just so that they are certain they have a healthy mix for post.

  1. Be Sure to Tell a Story that Your Audience Will Resonate With.

A Jacksonville talking head video production company is going to provide you with all of the resources that you need for success in the project, but it’s up to you to understand what is important along the way. Like storytelling! You need to be sure that, without a doubt, storytelling is being used to deliver the key details that you want to focus on with your video.

Cinematic storytelling, which incorporates narrative along with visuals that draw the audience in and compel them to focus in on what you have to say is essential to the success of any talking head video that you produce. This is the difference in a quick talking head video that is thrown together by someone with a lack of experience, and one that is produced by one of the top film crews in the country.

Choosing a story that your audience will resonate with, and that will stand out, is going to put your business ahead of the competition, which is generally the overall goal for producing marketing videos. To learn more about working with our Jacksonville talking head video production company, and to share your story, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. 

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