7 Reasons Training Videos are Better than In-Person Training

7 Reasons Training Videos are Better than In-Person Training

Training videos for employees are ideal for businesses that are seeking advanced training for new or existing employees without an interruption in upper-level management time. In fact, corporate training videos are better than in-person training for several reasons.

We realize you want to make sure that your staff members have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their role and deliver great service for your customers. Don’t let logistics and a lack of time lead to a lack of training for your employees. Consider these top reasons to use training videos for employees rather than in-person training sessions.

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1. Employees Digest More Video

Give your staff a detailed manual and ask them to read it. Even the best, most avid readers are likely to skip over and skim the content. At best they’ll retain 50% of what they read. At worst, they won’t read it at all!

Hand the same staff credentials to watch employee training content online and see how much they retain. Delivered properly, employee training videos that offer bite-sized portions of content that is easily digested will be retained at as much as 90% or more.

Which would you rather? An employee that has half the training or one that has 90%?

2. Video Saves Time

It may take a few weeks or longer to produce the employee training videos that you use for your business but after the initial time to put the content together, you will benefit for several years or more by delivering the training with zero interruption to you or your team.

Training videos allow you to teach employees in a convenient manner that does not take away from upper management time or require special scheduling. No need to hire someone to train the employee or make special arrangements for the training to take place.

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3. Training Videos are Versatile

With training video production you have several versatile options and ways in which you can deliver the content. A simple presentation style video is one option, but you could also use animation and powerful visual components to deliver the content or you could use storytelling to help the employees resonate with the training and engage in the content.

Use video training for employees to train them on how to operate in their current role, what they should do in various situations, or how they can improve their skills to move into other roles within the business. Videos allow you to connect with your audience in a completely different capacity than with written content alone or with personal training. You could even bring in industry experts to deliver the presentation and build employees up.

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4. Accessibility & Convenience

Training videos are accessible and convenient. Video can be shared on the internet or via your business intranet so that employees and staff can access it conveniently and on their time. Should an employee wish to rewatch a video, they can do so anytime!

You’d be surprised at how many employees actually rewatch the content that you deliver to them so that they can digest it fully. This simply isn’t possible with in-person training and, oftentimes employees are discouraged from asking questions or to have details of the training repeated in-person because they don’t want to be viewed as inadequate or as if they weren’t paying attention the first time around.


5. Digestible Content Deliver

Employee training videos that are produced properly with the audience in mind offer digestible content that is easier for new employees to take in and more likely to be remembered. Training sessions can be split into easy to digest chunks that maximize engagement and content retention. Instead of feeling like the entire training session must be fit into a specific timeframe because management and others are working together to make it all happen, employees can watch training videos in their spare time and learn new skill sets in a logical pattern.

Professional production crews will help you define a logical employee training program that delivers engaging sessions of employee training that maximize focus, retention, and deliverability.

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6. Standardized Training

We see this a lot, one employee learns how to handle processes in one way and another handles processes a bit different. There’s no standardization because the training is being delivered by different managers or upper-level employees at different times. However, training videos for employees standardize the training process so that everyone gets the same experience. The quality and form of content delivered to each employee, as well as the tools provided to help the employee achieve the skills required of them are all the same.

Standardized training ensures that all employees are on the same page and perform tasks in the same manner. Training is no longer delivered in various ways based on who trains and when. This can improve processes and customer experience for your brand.

7. Video training Metrics Easily Monitored

Are you wondering whether your employees actually read through their training manual? Do you sometimes wonder whether an employee was taught how to perform a certain task or not? When training videos are used to deliver the skills training to employees you can rest easy knowing that all employees have received the same training. You can check your metrics to see who watched the video, how frequently it was watched when it was watched, and whether it was watched more than once. All of these metrics allow you to have a better understanding of where your employees stand in their training.

Employee training video success and effectiveness can be measured in various ways too. If you see employees seem to stop watching at a certain point, or that they skip a certain set of video content in their training, you can hone in and get to the bottom of why this is happening. Perhaps employees don’t feel the need to learn this task or skill set? Maybe the content is not as engaging as it should be? You don’t have this opportunity with in-person training.

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