Top Tips when Filming Employees Testimonial Videos

Top Tips When Filming Effective Employee Testimonial Videos

Staff testimonial videos are a great way to display a different perspective of your business. When future employees hear about what your company did for people in their shoes, it gives them genuine insights into the employee experience as a whole. When filming effective employee testimonial videos, they should be direct, authentic, and efficiently prepared for. Take a closer look at some tips that can help you out with drafting your future testimonial!

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Video Testimonial: Best Practices

  1. Authenticity is key. Capturing a natural and genuine response from the employee you’re filming the interview will make the testimonial more believable and appealing to viewers.
  2. No scripts. In order to create an effective testimonial, whatever your employee has to say about your business should be authentic. According to a 2017 survey by McCann Truth Central, the global thought leadership unit of advertising firm McCann, 42% of Americans find brands and companies “less truthful” today than two decades ago. The last thing you want is for your business to be branded as untrustworthy.
  3. Prepare accordingly. Prepare your questions in advance. We recommend you treat your testimonial more like a conversation and less like an interview. This will (1) ease nerves and (2) produce the most honest and genuine responses to your questions!
  4. Use a relevant and comfortable location. Again, this will benefit both the person asking the questions and the person answering them. If your employee works in an office, the setting of the video should take place in a comfortable location in an office. This gives viewers an inside look of what kind of atmosphere they might be working in.
  5. Invest in quality editing. An effective job testimonial is straightforward, focusing on the best moments captured during the production process. When editing your video, choose those top-quality takes and transform them into a video with great rhythm. Organizing your takes and cleaning up the audio can result in one awesome company testimonial!
  6. Focus on simplicity. As stated in the previous tip, great rhythm is important in maintaining the viewer’s attention and presenting your company in a positive light. An effective work testimonial is simple. It focuses on conversation and lasts for 45 to 60 seconds.

New Hire Video

To no one’s surprise, videos are effective due to how engaging they are. They’re significantly more entertaining than reading a manual or listening to a lecture. Including new hire videos in the employee, preboarding process can appeal to the newest members of your team. This is particularly beneficial in appealing to Millennials and Gen Z due to their preferences in video content. Including employee testimonial videos in these are a great way to show onboard new hires insight on what your business is all about!

Employee Training Videos

Employee training videos are another outlet in your company where staff testimonial videos can come in handy. Fortune 500 businesses from across the globe hire us for leadership and employee training media – which can easily include testimonials for added credibility and sentiment! If you’re wondering if an employee testimonial can benefit your training video, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help!

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Recruitment Videos

Similar to new hire videos, the key to recruitment videos is engagement. Videos need to have good rhythm and a direct, credible message. Your viewers will lose interest if what your business has to offer them is unbelievable. Recruitment videos can effectively ease nerves and concerns if a staff testimonial is present. If your viewers can see how people in their shoes are thriving and enjoying their role, they’re significantly more likely to stick around to learn more.

Employee testimonial videos can really change the game. Appealing to viewers or future employees isn’t an easy task. But with the right practices and strategies, they can definitely be a useful asset. With Team Beverly Boy, our top-quality producers know exactly how to enhance your testimonials. Contact us today for more information. We’re excited to bring your project to life!

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