Teach Workplace Etiquette with Professionalism in the Workplace Training Videos

Teach Workplace Etiquette with Professionalism in the Workplace Training Videos 

Workplace etiquette is incredibly important but it can be a challenging topic to approach.  The best way to keep your employees up to speed is with proper training. Teaching with professionalism in the workplace training videos has several key advantages for your employees and for you.  If you’re struggling to figure out how to approach teaching your employees proper professionalism and workplace etiquette, consider the use of training videos. You’ll be so satisfied with the benefits!

Training videos can help you teach your team proper professionalism in the workplace and your team will have stronger engagement, increased retention, and improved productivity as a result of their training. These are just a few of the potential benefits that come along with teaching workplace etiquette and professionalism with training videos.

Training Videos Make Concepts Easier to Visualize

The use of training videos to teach workplace etiquette and professionalism can help your employees to visualize these concepts and to better understand them. Videos are ideal for using audio visual content to teach or train on complex topics as well as those that are difficult to explain in written form. If you really want your employees to learn about workplace professionalism, the use of training videos can improve your employee’s understanding of the topics. 

Training videos also increase employee retention so that they can recall the information that you teach them, longer term. Producing professionalism in the workplace training videos can lead to substantially higher employee retention of information over standard training where employees are likely to forget 65% of what they learn a week after they are trained!

Without training videos, the amount of information that your employees will likely forget about their training jumps to 90% at 6 months post-training! With video, the ability to recall material increases substantially. Retention rates risk about 65% with video.

Training Videos Make Workplace Professionalism Training Cost-Effective

It’s not exactly cost-effective to provide workplace professionalism training in the form of shadowing or holding a long training event. These types of events are costly, and they are not conducive to long-term retention. The use of training videos to teach workplace professionalism can be incredibly more cost-effective than in-person training sessions. 

With training videos, you pay one fee to produce your video, but once production is finalized, you can use the video over and over again. There are no additional costs for additional employees or to use the video again. Unlike the revolving door of costs that are involved when you provide employees with in-person training, a video training program provides just as much training with better retention, more interaction, and a significantly lower overall cost. 

Larger businesses, like Microsoft, have reported saving hundreds on employee training per employee with video. Where previous, in-person training programs would cost an average of $320 per employee, video training reduced Microsoft’s costs down to about $17 per employee for a savings of $13.9M annually over the course of 3 years!

Training Videos are Accessible & Versatile

Etiquette training and teaching workplace professionalism can be tricky business. Getting your employees together to provide the training can be a challenge in itself. But when you provide training via video, you can expect employees to appreciate the ease of access that comes from receiving workplace training online. Training videos are incredibly versatile, and they’re available and accessible at your employees’ convenience. 

These videos are great for teaching the following skills and techniques associated with workplace professionalism:

  • How to use products and services.
  • How to engage in various customer service tasks.
  • How to perform workplace related tasks.
  • How to have respect for other employees at work.
  • How to address change in responsibilities at work.
  • When and where mobile devices are allowed at work.
  • How to communicate professionally.
  • How to avoid burning company time.

There are endless topics that can be covered with professionalism in the workplace training videos depending on what’s most important to your business. 

Training Videos are Engaging & Interactive

One of the best benefits of using training videos to teach professionalism and etiquette is the fact that these videos are engaging and interactive. Workplace training videos can incorporate scenarios based training that allow employees to choose various paths of learning and they can also use reinforcement techniques such as the inclusion of different polls, quizzes or similar engagement tactics to help employees fully understand topics.

Consider the use of interactive hotspots in your training videos to provide employees with access to instant resources that provide additional details on training topics. Hotspots, and links, incorporated into a video can greatly improve employee knowledge and understanding of complex topics throughout workplace professionalism training.

To help employees engage in training that immerses them into the scenarios that they’re most likely to be a part of while at work, consider the use of 360° video visuals that help employees to understand exactly how the actions they take can occur within a particular environment. 

The sky is the limit when you take workplace etiquette training to video! For more on professionalism in the workplace training videos, give Beverly Boy Productions a call! 

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