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title top motorized gimbal camera stabilizers

Top 6 Motorized Gimbal Stabilizers

Top 6 Motorized  Gimbal Stabilizers Motorized gimbal stabilizers feature all of the userful movements you would expect from a manual gimbal stabilizer except the components use brushless motors to control stabilization more efficiently. Today’s motorized gimbal stabilizers offer camera crews a wide range of specialty features to accommodate advanced image […]


title Top 10 Camera Crew Gimbal Stabilizers

Top 10 Camera Crew Gimbal Stabilizers

Top 10 Camera Crew Gimbal Stabilizers Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the desire for consistent, stable footage when producing quality films is equally evident. While shaky camera effects may be desired on occasion, the majority of the time videographers look to technology to assist in improving image quality […]


title equipment to live stream video

What Equipment is Needed to Stream Live Video?

What Equipment is Needed to Stream Live Video? If you’re considering live streaming business services, church sermons, or even an eLearning program to your audience, chances are you’re wondering what equipment is needed to stream live video. Streaming live video is a must, especially as many businesses have been forced […]


title cinematography techniques you can't learn in film school

10 Cinematography Techniques You Won't Learn in Film School

10 Cinematography Techniques You Won’t Learn in Film School Cinematography is a lot of things. It’s camera angles and movements. It’s lighting and sound recording. It’s the work of a professional that spent years in film school mastering the basics and then several more years in the field doing what […]


Film Production Equipment Checklist for Beginners

Film Production Equipment Checklist for Beginners Depending on what role you take on in film, you may need various items to effectively produce top-quality films. In fact, the film production equipment checklist that we have built for beginners outlines essential filmmaking equipment and tools that you should have based on […]


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Essential Filmmaking Equipment Items

Essential Filmmaking Equipment Items Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the field for a long time but you’re looking to invest in some additional gear for your career, we all want to own the most essential filmmaking equipment items. While there is no one-size-fits-all checklist of essential […]


title DIY diffusions for low budget films

DIY diffusion for Low Budget Productions

DIY diffusion for Low Budget Productions You don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment to diffuse light. In fact, you may not need any “equipment” at all. Household products can be used to produce DIY diffusers that effectively diffuse light without diffusing your budget. Check out the tips below to […]


title choosing the best backdrop for video interview

Choosing the Best Backdrop for Video Interview

Choosing the Best Backdrop for a Video Interview   We’re showing you how to find the best video interview background for your production. Considering things like whether you’re shooting inside or outside, in a large space or small, and what the purpose of your interview is, we show you how […]