Save Time Training Your Team with Dental Assisting Training Videos

Save Time Training Your Team with Dental Assisting Training Videos  

As a Dentist, running your own business can have several advantages and of course some challenges too. If you’re struggling with time, like most dentists that run their own practice do, you might dread training new dental assistants when they come on board. It’s one more thing to do on top of an already lengthy to-do list. Dental assisting training videos, produced on a wide variety of topics, can help you save tons of time when it comes to training new members of your team. In fact, a single training video series can save you hundreds of hours over its lifetime.

How much time do you typically spend training a new dental assistant? How often do you find yourself hiring a new dental assistant? Although the dental industry that claims a comfortably low turnover rate of just 10%, recent studies have found that the actual turnover rate for dental assisting might be as high as 30%! So if you’re recently found yourself feeling like you’re spending more time than ever before hiring, and training, for your practice – you’re not alone!

Fortunately, you can save time and money by employing a new approach to training dental assistants: Training videos. Training new employees requires a lot of time, effort, and hours. And those hours that you’re training, are hours lost performing your own everyday tasks of operating the business, generating new clientele, and increasing your bottom line. In short, lack of a solid & effective video training program means you’re potentially leaving money behind!

An Upfront Investment 

Training is a necessary component of growing and efficiently operating a business. So it’s not like that you’ll be able to get away from training your dental assistants anytime soon!  However, training doesn’t have to be a one-on-one experience, nor does it have to take up a bunch of your time! The use of dental assisting training videos can make training more efficient. In other words, training videos save time!

With dental assisting training videos, you hire a professional film crew, like Team Beverly Boy, to come into your practice or to otherwise assist you with the production process upfront. Together, you and your newly hired film crew, will film the training videos that are required in order for you to provide your dental assistants with the working knowledge that they need to excel successfully at your practice. 

You will have to make a time investment initially as the process involved in the production of your training videos will require a lot of back and forth communication with your film crew. However, this is a one and done investment of your time, not a long-term, ongoing process the way actually training your dental assistant team members can be.

So, there’s a time investment, and a monetary investment, in making the dental assisting training videos that you’ll then use to train your team. Outside of those two major investments upfront, once the training videos are complete, you’ll find that you can save substantial amounts of time and money for an undefined period of time.

Save Time & Money Training Dental Assistants

Producing dental assisting training videos require a “one and done” practice in which you work closely with a professional film crew to create your video content and once that’s complete, you can reuse the training videos as many times as you like. To put the time savings into perspective for you, an hour of training in-person or lecture style training can generally be condensed into less than 15 minutes of video training. In fact, the typical training video is about 5 minutes long and provides essential topical coverage of about 45 minutes to 1 hour of text-based training, or in-person training.

Because your dental assisting training videos can be reused as many times as you like, it’s hard to specify just how much time this will save you at your practice, but it’s certain to be a lot!  Training with video will also save you and your team financially. When video training is provided, employees are more likely to stick around for longer because they can train at their own pace, retrain as needed and on-demand, and feel comfortable with the training that is provided. 

employee watches training video

What if My Training Needs Change?

If you’re wondering why the timeframe upon which you can expect to save time and money on training your team with dental assisting training videos, that’s easy to explain:  Each practice is different. The training videos you produce can easily be used over and over again for 3-5 years or more IF they are produced professionally. However, you might like change. You might change your procedures. Dental assistant practices might change. Any of these situations could result in your need to change your training.

If your dental assisting training needs change, you have two common options:

  1. Create a new video training series to replace the old.
  2. Make changes to the existing training series to reflect the updates made in your training program needs.

Certainly to start over from scratch and produce an entirely new series will require that initial upfront investment of time and money. However, reproducing an entire training video series all over again is rarely necessary. Most of the time, your changes are easily addressed with some simple adjustments, additions, or edits to your video series. Again, saving you time & money when compared to producing the entire training series all over again.

Ready to save time and money while providing optimal training for your team? Contact Beverly Boy Productions to learn more about producing dental assisting training videos!

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