Quick Tips for Successful Marketing Videos for Technology Companies

Quick Tips for Successful Marketing Videos for Technology Companies

Technology companies are often confused on how they can incorporate marketing video concepts into their mix to generate maximum exposure and ROI for their brand.

Employing marketing strategies for technology companies with the use of technology videos can lead to great success. Follow these quick tips for successful video marketing for your technology company. Show customers how your technology products and services work and the benefits of your brand with these different types of marketing video content.

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1. Use Branded VIdeos

Branded videos are great for technology companies as they allow you to showcase the companies’ vision and mission as well as core values and the products and services that make up the brand. Use branded video content to attract customers and build strong brand awareness as your growing your customer base.

2. Use Product Demos Videos

Product demos showcase how a product works. These are excellent for sharing behind the scenes views of your products and services with consumers. Product demos can boost consumer trust and are great for sharing on social media, via email or on your technology company blog.

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3. Use Industry Expert Interview Videos

Interview videos that include industry experts as the focus offer a great way to connect with others and show consumers that your brand is the expert. Consider these forms of video in your marketing plan for a technology company. Filming interviews with industry experts allow you to build trust and following for your technology brand.

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4. Include Animations in Videos

Animated videos are great for technology companies that are seeking to explain or showcase an abstract product or service.

Products and services that are particularly difficult to understand or which require visual explanation are often better represented with animated video content. Animations keep consumers interested and help to deliver visual explanations of otherwise complex topics.

Medical animation

5. Use Event Videos

If your technology company is planning an industry event, conference, or similar experience, use event videos to further your audience connections and interactions for years to come.

Event videos allow you to share your industry expertise with the world and are a great opportunity for you to boost audience awareness for your brand. Share snippets of event videos on social media, in your about pages, and anywhere that it makes sense to include more video to connect with your viewing audience.

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6. Use Live Videos

Live stream video services for technology companies are a growing tool that is more commonly being used by marketers in various other industries.

Live video engages the audience and keeps them involved with your video for up to 8 times longer than a pre-recorded video. Take viewers behind the scenes of your business, show them what you’re made of, and deliver a live video that will engage them in real-time. Few technology companies are using live video to their advantage–be the industry leader!

live streaming for the web

7. Send Personalized Videos

Personalizing your video content for your consumers is a great way to boost trust and appreciation of your brand. Personalized video content can be sent based on consumer demographics, sales, or other data.

Videos will help the consumer to feel like you appreciate them and will make them more likely to remain connected to your brand. A little personalization goes a long way in improving the consumer sales cycle.

8. Use Educational How-to Videos

Educational videos also known as explainer videos are videos that show technology consumers how to use a product or service are ideal and an absolute must when producing a marketing plan for a technology company.

Educational videos for technology companies deliver instructional content to viewers that help them to understand products or services, how they work, and the benefits of using them. Even the most complex products or services are more well-received with educational how-to video content to support the consumer.

live action explainer video

9. Case Study Videos

Finally, technology companies that incorporate the use of case study videos to their marketing mix see increased recognition and awareness of their brand while also seeing improved consumer trust.

Case studies deliver details to the consumer that helps them to resonate and relate to the technology services provided by the brand. Consider case study videos that showcase real-world experiences with the products or services that are representative of the primary demographics of the target audience for best results.

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