Tips for Using Native Video Content to Boost ROI

Tips for Using Native Video Content to Boost ROI

Native video advertising includes the use of targeted ads that don’t look anything like an advertisement and which help to produce a user experience that your viewers appreciate. Unlike traditional commercials and forms of blatant advertising that can annoy viewers and run potential customers off, native ads draw attention and captivate the audience while increasing engagement as much as 50% or more. We’re showing you some tips for using native video content to boost ROI without appearing too “salesy” to your viewers.

How to Use Native Video Content

Native video content is used throughout social media and on platforms like Pandora and Spotify where the incorporation of ads for free perks associated with the platform interest users. But how you use native video content to your advantage can play a key role in the return on your investment.

Native videos show to targeted audiences on social media can be used to help viewers understand how products or services work. Providing tips or tricks that simply help a user out without saying, “Hey buy this,” perform well on social and can increase ROI as more viewers accept your product or service as the source of a solution to their problem.

Industry trends and short clips that show product demos or tutorials often do well on LinkedIn. These forms of native ads can help an audience see how your company is contributing to industry trends and can show value in your brand.

Videos that you create for native advertising should always have the end goal of providing true value over a sale.

Get More Native Ad Views

How can you get more people to see your native ads and boost ROI from a wider audience? First, consider creating great video content. For help creating native video content that will capture the interest of a wider audience, call Beverly Boy Productions. We’ll help you get started.

Educational videos and those that provide some level of entertainment are most likely to interest a wide audience. Consider gaining interest from various questions or concerns you find in forums or through your corporate website. The more you can provide content that solves a user’s problem, the greater the chance you will gain maximum views of your native ads.

Engage viewers with a story that makes them want to share. As you aim to create native video content, make sure it is fun and enjoyable for your viewers. Remember, your video will most likely be watched with zero volume so your content must be easy to understand and exciting to watch without sound.

Native video ads can be used to boost ROI in a number of ways.

Consider the following benefits of native video content:

  • Native video content generates a stronger interest.
  • Native ads can attract more attention from your audience.
  • Native ads engage viewers.
  • Native ads tend to keep users watching.
  • Native ads can be used to create a video gallery.
  • Native ads are easily edited to work for various platforms.

DigitalMarketer uploaded a short talk/presentation explaining native advertising that you should check out:

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