How to Stream Live Video with Multiple Cameras

Preparing for a multi-camera live stream event is something that many business owners wish they could do, but quickly realize there’s a lot more to it than just adding in additional camera views. If you want to learn how to stream live video with multiple cameras, you’re definitely going to need more than just another camera to pull it off. In fact, a multicam live stream almost always requires the support of a professional production crew, and at bare minimum requires the input of more than one professional to get the job done. 

While low-cost broadcasting equipment has made it possible for small businesses to engage in live event streaming with minimal equipment, pulling off a multiple camera live video stream is an entirely different realm of professional production and broadcasting. While it’s still entirely possible for a business to pull off, there are several considerations that you should make, in addition to whether or not to hire a prof.

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Why Produce a Multi-Camera Live Stream?

The decision to produce a live video stream that incorporates multiple cameras is certainly something that many business owners consider, but upon realizing the added equipment needs and skill requirement involved in the production, most either decide to go with a single camera production or to hire a professional for the multi-camera job. Certainly streaming with multiple cameras has a number of benefits including:

  • Opportunity to show multiple hosts at a given time both individually and with each other.
  • Ability to show a mix of shots that will keep the audience engaged.
  • Options to deliver different views to capture emotion and shift audience focus.

The decision to stream live video with multiple cameras may be made based on production elements as listed above, or just because the business owner wishes to host a larger event that requires a multiple camera setup for streaming. Regardless of why, the equipment required to host a multiple camera event stream is much the same.

Equipment Needs for a Multiple Camera Live Stream

If you’re just now learning how to stream live video with multiple cameras, you’re probably aware of the equipment needs that come with a multiple camera live stream event. In addition to more than one camera, you need:

  • A switcher that will allow you to switch the feed between cameras. This also allows you to add in graphics, transitions, and special effects.
  • A wireless mic for small events, or a live sound system that you can connect to for larger events.
  • Solid internet connection to ensure that your event live stream is delivered with a constant uptime for your audience.
  • Lighting to ensure your speakers are properly displayed on camera.
  • Camera tripods to hold your camera in place during use.
  • Audio mixer to ensure you’re capturing the audio from the right microphone at the right filming time.
  • Encoder to ensure the delivery of your stream.

Other equipment needs may also come up in order to pull off a live stream with multiple cameras, but this is the bare minimum essential equipment that you must have to get started.

How to Stream Live Video with Multiple Cameras

Figuring out how to stream live video with multiple cameras is really something that most business owners opt to hire a professional crew to handle. However, if you’ve stuck with us this far, and you’re still on the same page, you might still be considering the potential of handling the task on your own. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Obtain all equipment listed above as well as multiple high definition video cameras.
  • Make sure that you set up your equipment for optimal filming. If you’re working with two cameras, you’ll want to vary your shots so that you can obtain close-ups and wide-angle views. If more than two cameras, you have greater flexibility with your shot needs.
  • Configure your cameras to connect to the switcher.
  • Setup audio equipment to ensure mics are in-place and prepared for use.
  • Setup the encoder to ensure monitoring of the live stream.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not to designate a specific camera for your wide shot and then to designate others for close-up shots or if you’ll allow all cameras the flexibility to adjust viewing angles which makes the live video production both potentially more interesting as well as more complicated to pull off. 

As you learn more about how to stream live video with multiple cameras, you’re likely to find that the most professional feeds are those produced by a professional video production crew. If you’re not prepared to take on the technical roles of cameraman, programming director, technical engineer, and audio engineer than chances are you’ll want to hire a professional to stream your live video program with multiple cameras for you.

Beverly Boy Productions knows exactly how to stream live video with multiple cameras because it’s what we do! With more than two decades of experience and top notch equipment and gear, when you hire us to host your multiple camera live stream, you can rest assured everything is under control! 

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