5 Powerful Lessons on Hiring the Best Chicago Interview Video Production Company for Your Project

Hiring a Chicago interview video production company that can assist you with the production of an interview that can be included in a case study, customer testimonial, or similar video project tis a process that will certainly require commitment. As a professional with more than two decades in the industry, Beverly Boy Productions understands the importance of hiring the right professional for the job. To help you understand what steps you need to take to ensure you’ve made the best decision for your business, we’ve got 5 powerful lessons that clients have learned over the years when it comes to hiring a professional film crew.

If you’ve never hired a professional video production company, these are the insightful answers you need to ensure that your hiring is a success.  So before you make a decision on who you think might be the best Chicago interview video production company for your project, keep reading.

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  1.   You Should Never Compromise on Your Vision – EVER

You go into the idea of producing an interview with a clear vision in mind, don’t compromise on it. Whether the production company is too expensive, tells you it can’t be done, or otherwise tries to talk you down, you should go in with the intention of overcoming any negative talk about your vision. If you’re considering a company that is going to try to compromise on your vision for the project, you might want to reconsider your hiring. 

When you have a vision in mind, if you compromise on it, for any reason, budget or non-budget related, you’re going to walk away unhappy. Instead, go into your project with a vision in mind and a plan to do whatever it takes to see that vision through. When you hire a professional for the job, the plan should also be for that professional to help you see your vision through – nothing less!

  1. Talent Investment is Real & It is Costly

Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you that you can hire talent for free or that you don’t have to hire someone with a history of experience, or that you can just work with a freelancer and get the same thing that you would get from an agency. None of this is true!

Ask any professional Chicago interview video production company about the importance of talent and what it will cost and they’re going to tell you that talent is real, you must invest in it, and it won’t be free! So what does this mean?

It means, you can’t expect to shoot a video from your cellphone and it be a huge hit. It means you can’t expect to hire someone fresh out of film school and have the interview video of your dreams. It means, hiring a Chicago interview video production company that is going to produce expert content for your audience is not going to be free. Prepare for it.

  1. There are Storytellers – and Then There are Great Storytellers

A well-produced interview video is going to tell an excellent story that your audience resonates with and feels connected to. When you go looking to hire a Chicago interview video production company, chances are you’re going to cross a lot of paths in which people state that they are excellent storytellers – it’s part of the role. However, it’s very important for you to understand that there are storytellers and then there are great storytellers. Don’t let yourself fall victim to believing that every producer you meet is a great storyteller!

  1. The Key to Efficiency is the Leader

Producing a video of any style or type is bound to take up quite a bit of your time. Hiring a Chicago interview video production company to assist you should significantly scale back the total amount of time that is required of you without scaling back the efficiency of the production or the quality. However, if you don’t have a great leader, you’ll almost certainly find this to be untrue. The key to efficiency, and getting your project done without any major interruptions to your own time, is having a great leader – don’t stand for anything less.

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  1.   Inspiration Content Comes from Inspirational Artists

Every Chicago interview video production company that you talk with is going to have ideas, they’re going to say that they’re artists. They’re going to say that they’ll create something inspirational that stands out – but few will actually have what it takes to connect with your audience, drive their interest, and create something that is truly inspiration for your brand.  If talking with the producer doesn’t make you feel inspired, it’s very likely that watching the video they create won’t either! Keep this in mind as you choose who to work with.

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