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Do you need a trustworthy Chicago Testimonial video production? From customer interviews or talking headshots, you should always keep things simple. For the most effective customer interview, your interview subjects need to seem approachable and put-together. To make this happen, they need to be both relaxed and focused on the camera. Having them nervous and looking at the film crew will not seem authentic, and their story won't connect with your audience. The best customer interviews leave an impact on your audience and resonate with them. It gives them something they can relate to. It is our job to make sure that story comes across as intended, so call us to get started on your Chicago Testimonial video production!

The Right Location

When deciding where to film your interview, there are many things to keep in mind. For one, you don't want a background that is too distracting. Your focus should be on your interviewee, not the background. The location acts as a backdrop. However, if you find a spot you absolutely love, but you need to soften the background and sharpen the subject, we can do that in editing. Something that is harder to fix, though, is audio. Make sure your location doesn't have too much noise. Even a place you think is quiet, like a small park, can have audio interference from dogs barking or birds chirping too loudly. Being inside allows you to control the environment a bit better, but there are still places outside you can film. Working with the right crew can help you get the right location for your film.

Chicago has lots to offer

If you want options on where to film your Chicago Testimonial Video Production, you have plenty to choose from to make your off-site interviews perfect. Chicago was founded in 1837 and has a rich history. If you want something that's a little different, check out Chicago's legendary Victorian graveyard, Graceland Cemetery, built in 1861. Some of the famous people forever-housed in these artistic tombs include Marshall Field, George Pullman, Roger Ebert, and David Adler. If you think this is too morbid, check out the Robie House, a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece built in 1910. For something with an industrial and Art-deco fusion, check out Union Station, built in 1925. If you want to try your hand at an outdoor venue, check out Millennium Park, which offers three blocks of open lakefront complete with an outdoor music pavilion, ice skating rink, and a Ferris Wheel. Any of these locations would make a fantastic backdrop for your next testimonial video.

The Best Crew For You

Do you need to produce a video of testimonials of your clients? Or maybe you want to film a seminar? Whatever your needs, hiring a company that has the knowledge on how to handle a corporate interview is essential if you want your job done right. A video production company will know how to interview anyone from a celebrity to a customer at the local mom and pop shop, so choose one with experience. These interviews can take hours to complete, but they could also be done in as little as 15 minutes. The time to film them isn't the important factor- getting them done right to cut down on how much editing is needed is what you need to focus on. When you choose us to film your production, you have chosen the best crew for you and you can relax knowing that we will take care of everything.


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    • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    Is conducting an interview easy? It can be, but it can be more complicated than you think, too. You need someone who knows how to set up the right lighting, make sure the audio is loud and clear, and can run the camera like a pro. An experienced, professional company can do all of this and more, giving you what you need. Team Beverly Boy is experienced and skilled. We make things simple and handle all aspects of the production, so your audience gets the video they want to see, and you get the one you want, too!



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