Pros and Cons of being a Film Producer

Pros and Cons of Being a Film Producer

A career in film production may seem like a lot of fun and it very well could be a rewarding opportunity, but it’s important to realize that there will be times when things aren’t all peaches and cherries. A job in film production has its ups and downs. We’re outlining the pros and cons of being a film producer to help you decide whether this is the right career choice for you.


Pros of Being a Film Producer

The advantages of being a film producer will vary based on what you personally find to be advantageous or beneficial in your life. Some seek a role in film production with the end goal of being famous–and that could happen. Others may seek a career as a film producer with the goal of making a decent salary while using creativity each day.

What one finds to be rewarding may be upsetting to someone else. For instance, being famous may be a dream for some. But for others, fame and fortune may bring headaches and hassle.

However, most filmmaking experts agree that a career in film production does have many rewards that may be difficult or impossible to achieve in other fields.

Some of the most cited advantages of being a film producer include:

  • Ability to use creativity on a daily basis and the freedom to express yourself.
  • Ability to use various art forms regularly. Think about costume design, sound design, scriptwriting, directors, makeup artists and all of the other art that goes into a production.
  • Ability to work in a diverse environment where you will meet people from various walks of life, and where you can have a diverse background too.
  • Ability to connect with like-minded individuals in the film production community and share a common dream of storytelling.
  • Ability to work in an ever changing environment whether daily tasks and experiences can vary greatly.
  • Potential to influence every aspect of the filmmaking process adding your own creative flair to each phase.
  • Great potential for success.

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For most film producers, the fact that nobody is really dictating how they perform their work is a huge advantage as it allows creativity to flow. Many producers have an entrepreneurial spirit that carries them through their career with stride.

Freedom to change, make your own schedule, and seek new opportunities as they arise are a few more advantages to this rewarding career, but again, even these advantages could be seen as potential negatives to some.

For instance, those who do not possess a self-starting, entrepreneurial spirit may find the task of scheduling work and constantly being creative daunting.

Cons of Being a Film Producer

Just as there are several benefits to film production there are some potential negatives that are difficult to escape. Some of the most common cons relate to the amount of pressure that film producers are under as they are responsible for all decisions that are made for the film project.

They can very easily be blamed for a production project that fails or does not perform well. For someone that is not interested in a busy role, wearing multiple hats and providing input into every area of production could be a terribly daunting task.

Many film producers cite the following disadvantages associated with their careers:

  • Lack of a steady paycheck and health insurance or retirement planning.
  • Too much responsibility and pressure.
  • Too much education required to succeed, especially in marketing and business, often weighs out the creative side of the job.
  • Feelings of isolation as most of your time is spent working on set and there is little time remaining for socialization.
  • Lack of technical support as you are the go-to resource for answers, where does the producer turn for help?
  • Great potential for failure.

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Ultimately, the risks and the rewards that come from a career in film production really are dependent on your own needs and individual circumstances. Just as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, what is great and advantageous in film production for one may be considered terrible for the next person.

Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of being a film producer carefully before you make the decision to get started in this (potentially) rewarding career.

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