6 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Houston Customer Testimonial Video Production Company

Customer testimonial videos are some of the most rapidly growing forms of marketing content to be produced by business owners large and small. Ideally suited for everything from being shared across a website or blog to included in email newsletters or on social media, customer testimonial videos can help to drive sales and increase consumer trust in your Houston business. In fact, hiring a Houston customer testimonial video production company that can assist you in creating professionally filmed customer testimonial videos that share the consumer stories your past clients have about your brand can have many benefits for your business. 

At Beverly Boy Productions we work with Houston business owners to produce top quality customer testimonial videos that represent the unique background stories, solutions, and customer recommendations that past clients have for a business or brand. These short, informative, and highly effective videos are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after forms of marketing content across Houston and worldwide.

To help you understand just how valuable customer testimonial video production in Houston can be for your business, checkout this list of the benefits that you might notice if you hire a professional Houston customer testimonial video production company to work with.

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  1. Working With a Professional Turns Everyday Footage to Spectacular Storytelling

 First and foremost, you might not think that the footage or processes involved in the production of a customer testimonial matter all that much, but once you see the difference between working with a professional and filming yourself you’re going to instantly see the value of hiring a Houston customer testimonial video production company. Professionals literally turn everyday footage into spectacular storytelling that is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

  1. A Professional Has Equipment & Equipment Experience or Expertise

Another thing you might overlook in the production of customer testimonial videos for your Houston business is the level of expertise and equipment that is needed in order to produce this type of content for your business. A professional Houston customer testimonial video production company is going to come with not only all of the equipment that is needed to film the testimonial or story, they’re going to have the expertise that is necessary in order to film the project and use the equipment to the best of their advantage. Something like this can take decades to master.

  1. Working with a Professional Cuts Production Time & Post-Production Time

studio for interview

This is particularly important if you’re on a tight timeline, but even if you’re not – have you ever tried to produce your own video before? Do you know how much footage it takes to get the interviews, customer stories, background data and details, and all of the important b-roll footage that you need for the production? It’s a lot! And once you have it all, you have to sort through it and find what’s best, and mix it all together to create a work of art that flows from beginning to end. Suffice to say, hiring a professional Houston customer testimonial video production company is going to save you TONS of time!

  1. Customer Testimonial Videos Are Preferred by 79% of Consumers

Ask any consumer that is considering an upcoming purchase and they’ll likely tell you that they’re going to research the purchase ahead of time and review recommendations or the stories of past customers prior to finalizing their decision. Ask 79% of consumer how they prefer to review customer testimonials, and they’re going to tell you that video is what they’re looking for. More than 3 out of 4 people prefer customer testimonial videos over written testimonials.

  1. Location Production Professionals Know the Houston Metro Area

One of the greatest factors or benefits of hiring a Houston customer testimonial video production company is the fact that a local professional will understand and know the local area. By hiring a local professional, you can rest assured that they’ll not only understand the area, but that they’ll have insight into some of the best places to film, what the competition is like in the Houston area, and what the regulations are regarding things like film permitting, transportation, and other needs.

Filming a Testimonial interview on a FS7

  1. Professionally Produced Customer Testimonial Videos Help Prospects See Themselves Owning Products 

One of the ways that a salesman will sometimes try to get a customer to commit to a purchase is by helping them to visualize themselves as owners of the product. Professionally produced customer testimonial videos have the power to help prospective customers visualize themselves as product owners. In fact, when you decide to hire a Houston customer testimonial video production company to help you share a customer’s satisfactory story about working with your brand, you can bet that they’ll show footage of the customer using your products in a way that your prospective customers will likely benefit from if they were to also use the products. 

As you can see, the decision to hire a professional Houston customer testimonial video production company can have a number of positive impacts on your business or brand. For more on producing these types of videos, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. 

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