5 Ways Working with a Tampa Customer Testimonial Video Production Company Makes a Big Difference in Your Video

One of the most powerful forms of marketing content that a business can present to their prospective customers is the testimonial. Customer testimonials have been around for decades, long before the internet or television, even, although they certainly were in a different form back then. You might recall word of mouth marketing? Recommendations? Or even talking to friends or family about the brands that should or should not be trusted? Today, customer testimonial videos are all the rage! 

While it’s certain that customer testimonial videos are an integral part of marketing, advertising, and building up consumer trust in a brand, what many businesses are uncertain about is how they should go about producing customer testimonial videos. Should you film them yourself? Hire a freelancer? Work with a professional?

As a Tampa area business owner, if you’re not exactly certain about who should be filming your customer testimonial videos, or what the difference might be in filming them yourself versus hiring a professional Tampa customer testimonial video production company to work with, we’ve got some important tips for you. 

Not only is working closely with a professional film crew beneficial to your brand, we’ve come up with a list of some of the top ways that you can bet working with a Tampa customer testimonial video production company is going to make a huge difference in the customer testimonial videos that you present to your audience.

  1. Professionals Know How to Tap Into Customer Emotions

Working closely with a professional Tampa customer testimonial video production company provides you with the advantage of being able to tap into customer emotions. Professional film crews work closely with customers, clients, and industry professionals on a regular basis and much of what they do is about tapping into the emotions of customers to speak to a target audience in a particular way. This takes great skill and experience to master the art of interviewing and otherwise interacting with consumers on camera to bring their story to the forefront.

  1. A Cinematic Approach makes a Huge Difference in Consumer Trust

It’s been proven over and over again that customer testimonial videos have the power to evoke a sense of trust among consumers,  but what about customer testimonials that utilize a cinematic approach to storytelling that delivers the customer’s story in a unique, awe-inspiring, way?  With the average customer attention span less than 8 seconds, it’s very important to find a way to connect with customers so that you don’t lose their interest and cinematic storytelling is at the top of the list!

  1. Professional Equipment Results in a Professional Appearance

Working with a Tampa customer testimonial video production company means that you’re going to have the luxury of top quality, cinema-grade camera equipment such as a multiple-camera setup, lighting, and audio including things like a switcher, additional camera lenses, and a variety of microphones that can be used to capture pristine audio. If you want to deliver a spectacular video to your target audience, it’s going to take working with a professional or it’s going to cost tens of thousands in equipment purchasing.

  1. Experts Go Beyond the Basics to Deliver Exceptional Editing

Each Tampa customer testimonial video production company you work with is going to have their own skill set or abilities above and beyond the basics. Working closely with experts in the film production field is going to provide you with a leg up against your competition, especially when you get to the point of delivering the finished customer testimonial video. 

At Beverly Boy Productions, our experts deliver exceptional editing that is nothing like what you might expect to receive from someone with less than expert skills. In fact, out experts will pull out all of the stops to ensure that your customer testimonial videos stand out against the competition, make a strong name for your brand, and represent your business in a powerful and sophisticated way. A freelancer or fresh out of film school produce cannot make that happen!

  1. Expert Film Producers Bring Expert Experience to the Project

There’s so much to be said about expertise in the film industry and the importance of it when it comes to the production of customer testimonial videos. Expert experience is an incredible asset when you hire a professional Tampa customer testimonial video production company to assist you with the creation of your testimonial videos. Working closely with a professional ensures that any random challenges that you face along the way are likely to be handled with ease, and that you can rest assured your project is in good hands.

At Beverly Boy Productions we specialize in working closely with Tampa area businesses to produce top quality customer testimonial videos that grab consumer interest and generate increased trust and sales. Give us a call to learn more about hiring our Tampa customer testimonial video production company for your business. 

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