4 Secrets You Probably Don’t Know About Indianapolis Customer Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial videos are a great way to showcase to your audience the key benefits that come from the use of your products, services, or offers. Consumers that have even a small interest in your brand can be easily converted if they are able to find a customer testimonial video that represents your brand in a positive light  As an Indianapolis business owner, working with an Indianapolis customer testimonial video production company to grow your business and build trust in your brand is an important step. 

At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with clients frequently in the Indianapolis area. While we’re well aware of the various secrets of customer testimonial video production, we bet that our readers could stand to learn a thing or two about this type of content. We’ve put together a list of the top secrets you likely don’t know about Indianapolis customer testimonial video production. 

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  1. Get Questions Ready Ahead of Time

One of the things that our clients often overlook when it comes to producing a customer testimonial video is the questions. A customer testimonial is generally the direct result of an interview between the customer, and the business. If you don’t take time ahead of the interview to prepare the questions that you want your customer to answer, you could find that your testimonial video doesn’t take the desired direction that you planned. That’s why we recommend that you take your time and get your questions ready ahead of the interview process. This way, you can be sure that you’re having your customer answer questions that are going to drive the testimonial video’s direction down the desired path.

  1. Tell a Story

You might not realize, when questioning your customer, that the customer testimonial video should have a story structure – but it should! Working with an Indianapolis customer testimonial video production company that understands the importance of professional storytelling is going to help you to define the most appropriate storyline to use for your customer’s testimonial. In doing so, you’re going to draw the attention of your audience in a way that makes them happy to stick around until the end of the testimonial video. Without a story, you run the risk of losing customer interest.

Filming a Testimonial interview on a FS7

  1. Personalize the Testimonial Experience for Your Target Audience

When choosing a customer to share their testimonial, you should be thinking about two things: who your best past customers are, and how those customers align with the demographics of your current target audience. You want to be sure that you’re creating a customer testimonial video that is personalized for your target audience so that any target customer that watches the customer testimonial video is going to feel a connection to the past customer and sense the level of personalization.

Even if you ask your customer questions that result in answers you didn’t quite expect, this is going to be valuable for the video because it’s going to prove to your new audience that the video wasn’t scripted, that the customer’s testimonial is true, and that they can trust what they hear.

  1. Choose the Filming Location Carefully

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If you’re thinking that the location for the customer testimonial video doesn’t matter, you’re entirely wrong. Working with an Indianapolis customer testimonial video production company should be enough to remind you that you need to carefully choose every key point about your video, including the film location. If your film crew doesn’t have details or ideas about where you should film your customer testimonial video, consider the following options that might stand out for you:

  • Make sure that you find a shooting location that is quiet.
  • Make sure that you can film in an area where there is not a lot of distraction.
  • Consider filming somewhere local to your past customer for convenience.
  • Consider filming at your customer’s place of business, or from your business.
  • Never use green screens to create an unnatural appearance, it will make your video come off as fake.
  • Try to avoid cluster and clutter in your background, and if you must have a backdrop that is in an office, make sure you omit things like excess art or random knick knacks.

Working closely with Beverly Boy Productions, an Indianapolis customer testimonial video production company, will help you to define all of the key elements of importance in filming a customer testimonial that is going to represent your brand in a positive light. If you’re ready to produce a testimonial video that your target audience is going to fall in love with and find incredibly useful to their decision making, give us a call. 

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