Producing a Case Study Video: A Step by Step Guide to Case Study Video Production

Case study videos are quickly gaining popularity as a means of marketing a brand to prospects to build trust, increase buy-in, and generate stronger conversions and revenue for the brand. Producing a case study video is a process that may read similar to the process of any other type of video production, beginning with pre-production and ending with post, but the tasks that take place along the way may vary slightly.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we’ve got more than two decades of experience in the production of top quality case study videos that have generated exceptional revenue and strong leads for the brands that we work with. To learn more about producing a case study video for your business, give us a call or continue reading for the details.

Lighting Setup

Case Study Video Pre-Production Planning

Producing a case study video requires essential pre-production planning just like the production of any other type of video including a commercial or a customer testimonial. Steps must be taken to plan everything from the target audience to the talent that will be involved, in this case the audience is the consumer and the talent is also a consumer, a past customer to be exact.

It’s also important in the early stages of planning the case study video to define the purpose and the goals of the case study. Why are you producing a case study video and what do you expect to achieve with the production of a case study? Make sure that your goals are going to align with your target audience. You need to be sure that you’re planning a narrative and outcome that is most suitable to your target audience and to converting them into customers.

Also during the pre-production of producing a case study video you’re going to:

  • Choose the customer that will share their story.
  • Decide on where you will film the case study.
  • Prepare the interview questions and provide them to the customer ahead of time so that they can plan out their answers.
  • Define your shot list, scenes, and any technical needs for the video.
  • Choose a style of case study video to produce. Will it be a short testimonial or a detailed full-length case study with plenty of supporting hard facts and figures?
  • Choose the film crew that you’ll work with.

Video Camera

Case Study Video Production

Producing your case study video is really all about this day. This is where the magic happens and it’s one of the most important parts of the entire process. Shooting the case study video is going to involve capturing the interview on camera, filming any b-roll that you’ll incorporate into your case study, and capturing the audio. 

Keep in mind that the audio you capture is one of the most essential elements of producing a great case study video. Do not overlook the importance of high quality audio! Make sure that you’re capturing soundbites without interruption and without any background noise or other sounds that shouldn’t be there.

Case Study Video Post-Production

Once all of the footage from the interviews and the b-roll have been filmed, it’s time to move into post-production. Producing a case study video is really a lot of work, and up until now you probably haven’t seen much of what the video will look like ultimately, but this is where the work begins to come together. 

Editors in post-production will work with the footage that was captured and the audio to create the final cut. They’ll use transitions, overlays, and potentially even some text animation or graphics to draw interest, but overall the post-production process will be mostly simple. The goal is to create the final cut that tells the story of your customer, their journey, their engage with your brand, and the value that your business has provided for them. 

Music and other elements are added towards the end of the post-production process so that your case study video comes out professional and powerful. 

Hiring a Professional to Produce a Case Study Video

The decision to hire a professional film crew such as Beverly Boy Productions to work on producing a case study video is certainly one that you will want to carefully consider. If you’ve never produced a professional video before, this is a decision that should come relatively easily, but if you’ve got a background in filmmaking, you might find that you can tackle producing a case study video on your own.

Whatever you choose, if you decide you want to work with a professional on producing a case study video that’s going to draw maximum interest for your brand, Beverly Boy Productions can help! We work with business owners across a variety of industries and cannot wait to provide support and assistance for your brand! To learn more about producing a case study video that’s right for your business, give us a call!

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