Top Ideas for the Best Small Business Videos

Top Ideas for the Best Small Business Videos 

Small businesses need video content to build out their marketing media. If you’re not creating videos for your small business, you’re missing a huge market of consumers. In fact, video is almost vital these days. It helps your pages to rank in Google, it helps your profiles to stand out on Social, and it can help consumers to choose your brand over the competition. There’s a ton of ideas for the best small business videos, but we’re listing out some options within several categories to help you get started. 

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The Best Small Business Videos for Social 

Posting videos on social media is essentially the ONLY way to stand out in the crowd. If you’re not sharing videos, you’re probably not seeing much reach and certainly not seeing many shares of your content. Videos are shared up to 1200% more than written content. If you’re looking for ideas for your small business to use video on social media consider the following: 

  • Create a Facebook Cover Video 
  • Create Facebook Video Ads 
  • Create Instagram Video Ads 
  • Create Linkedin Video Ads 
  • Create Twitter Video Ads 
  • Post Videos to Youtube and do it frequently! 
  • Create Youtube Intro Videos 

Social Media

The Best Small Business Videos for Websites 

Does your small business need videos for its website? If you’re looking to gain rankings of your top money pages or you’re interested in increasing conversions for your website, consider posting video content to the site. Your website has a lot of opportunity for video content. Consider video blogs, product videos for your product pages, and team videos or individual interview videos for your About Us pages. You can even include video tours and educational videos throughout your site to help consumers feel more connected to your brand. Consider the following forms of video for your website: 

  • Explainer videos that share your business details. 
  • Product Videos that share details of your top products. 
  • Event videos that showcase past events or promote future events. 
  • Customer testimonial videos to increase social proof. 
  • Employee testimonial videos for your “team” pages. 
  • Educational videos that help consumers solve complex problems. 
  • Concept videos that help consumers understand a complex topic related to your small business. 


The Best Small Business Videos for Internal Operations 

Small businesses can benefit from using video content internally, too. If you make presentations, have regular meetings, or provide training within your business there’s a place for video. Ditch the whiteboard and consider your next presentation being delivered via a video! Video presentations are a step up from the whiteboard days and allow you to share complex data and engaging, interactive content with your team. Consider these small business video ideas for your internal operations: 

  • Quarterly sales goals & achievement presentations. 
  • Monthly updates to your team. 
  • Internal announcement videos. 
  • Onboarding videos for new employes. 
  • Employee training videos. 

There are so many different ways that businesses can use video. The best small business videos are those that meet your business needs at that particular time. You may find that you need marketing videos and internal communications videos or maybe all you need is a social clip for now. Whatever you need, give Beverly Boy Productions a call and we’ll help you get started.

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