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How to Make Onboarding Engaging with Video

Onboarding can be a long and boring process or it can be an exciting and engaging entrance into a new role–which would you prefer your onboarding program be defined as? With more millennials coming into the workforce than ever before, it’s important to make employee onboarding an engaging process that meets their desires and needs. We’re showing you how to make onboarding engaging with videos. After all, training the workforce of the future is certainly nothing like it was training the workforce of the past. How to Make Onboarding Engaging with Video.

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Make Your Point & Do It Quick


The best and most engaging onboarding videos get right to the point. There’s little secret that today’s generation is about instant gratification. You have less than 8 seconds to make a great first impression or else you lose the attention of your audience, and that’s on a good day! To get the most out of your employee and maximize on their attention span, you’ll need to make your point and do it quickly.

The best employee onboarding videos are generally offered in a series. Instead of one very long video that showcases several different points in a row, you can break the videos into shorter snippets. Show the videos in a list that allows the employee to go from one to the next or to go back to a video if they wish to see the information again.

Showcase the Future

The next thing you can do to create an engaging employee onboarding program is to show the employee what the future holds for them. The mindset of many millennials is to want to know where they will be a decade or more from now. Unlike their parents who very much lived in the immediate time, millennials are preparing for their future. Engage them by showing what the work will be like when they stick around with the company.

Include clips that show employee experiences, and details from long-term employees that have grown with the business. Use the video to show the impact that the employee will have on the company and on others. Although you may find that it’s awfully early to discuss the future with an employee that’s literally just now onboarding, many new employees find comfort in hearing about the long-term as they see this as an indication of a business that is confident and that is preparing for their future.

Keep Onboarding Videos Organized Online

The best and most engaging onboarding programs are kept online where employees can interact and view the videos at their convenience now and into the future. New hires appreciate an organized video library that they can enter and view whenever they feel like they need to hear and see the information again. Allowing employees a set amount of time to complete the new employee onboarding program at their convenience is a welcomed benefit of having the content available online. Gone are the days where new employees have to wait a week to onboard for their role!

Keep the content in an organized database that is easily accessible from mobile or desktop devices. This way, employees can see the content that they are expected to learn and plan a routine that works for them. If content is stored behind a locked username/password protected page, send the appropriate login details to the new employee right away so that they can begin onboarding at their leisure. You would be surprised at how many employees are excited to get started soon rather than later!

Need help creating engaging employee onboarding videos? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll put our two decades of experience to work for your business to help you create highly engaging onboarding videos that keep your employees actively interested in the content at hand.