What To Expect After Hiring a Marketing Video Production Team

What To Expect After Hiring a Marketing Video Production Team 

Hiring a marketing video production team is a lot of work. You’ve got to plan out your needs, determine an appropriate budget, find a team that is willing to work at that budget, review their portfolio, determine whether they’re the right team for you, talk to them, go back and forth….and the list goes on and on. If you’re already busy, this can be overwhelming! 

So you research, and you read, and you review references. And you think that you’ve found the right marketing video production team for your needs. GREAT! Now the actual work begins — 

WHAT? Work? I thought I just DID all the work in finding and hiring the marketing video production team? 

If you’re thinking the work is done, you’re probably going to be unrealistic about your expectations when you hire your marketing video production team, and the last thing we want is to see a great relationship struggle from the start just because the expectations were not clearly set forth from the start. That’s why we’ve outlined the following tips to help you understand what to expect after hiring a marketing video production team for your business. 

Expect a Lengthy Onboarding Process 

We say lengthy but in reality it may only take a few hours to onboard. This all depends on the scope of the project and how efficient the marketing video production team that you hire is. During onboarding you can expect to get to know the team and they’ll work to get to know your business and project needs. Generally the onboarding process will include: 

  • Several phone calls or meetings to review project needs and goals. 
  • Sharing of sample videos that you love and hate. 
  • Sharing of brand guidelines or style guides and other branded elements. 
  • Outlining communication preferences – phone numbers, meeting rooms, etc. 
  • Getting to know your staff and the marketing video production team. Who is your project manager? Who is your producer? Who is your Director? Etc. 
  • Outlining contract, fee negotiations, and initial payment. 
  • Onboarding to the project management system where your project will be monitored and the next steps defined. 

employee training video

Begin the Video Project 

Once onboarding has taken place you’ll begin to work with the marketing video production team on the actual video project that you hired them for. As you can see, if you were expecting to roll right into the project, and were immediately confronted with all this onboarding stuff instead, it could instantly create a power trip struggle. But, once you get past onboarding the meat of the project begins. 

At this time you can expect to: 

  • Work with the creative team to define the concept for your video. 
  • Discuss competition and leading factors in your marketing initiatives. 
  • Produce a project overview that outlines the goals and plans for your video. 
  • Read the first script. 
  • See a visual script. 
  • See casted actors. 
  • Determine location for the video filming to take place. 
  • Determine props and wardrobe specifications. 
  • Review the shot list and production plans. 
  • Review the video edits and revisions. 
  • Collaborate with the marketing video production team on changes or additional features for your video.

If you face challenges during the video production project it is likely that the challenge is related to a difference in management styles. You may expect your marketing video production team to handle things one way and they may expect to handle things a different way. Stay open in communication, be upfront with your concerns, and work with your team to rectify any issues upfront. 

If you’re still concerned, there’s a chance that the team you’re working with isn’t the marketing video production team that’s right for you. For help finding a marketing video production team that will exceed your expectations, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. 

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