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4 Simple Steps to Stunning Facebook Cover Videos

A Facebook cover video can be used to capture the attention of your audience and quickly communicate a powerful message about your brand. Only companies can use this method of visual on Facebook as personal profiles do not support cover videos. 

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Start standing out against the competition with these 4 simple steps to stunning Facebook cover videos.

Step 1: Determine Appropriate Size

Facebook requirements limit the length of a cover video to between 20 and 60 seconds. A short video can be looped so that it is longer and a long video can be trimmed up or you could speed it up. The goal is to end with a video that is about 20-60 seconds long for your cover.

Additionally, Facebook cover videos must be of a specific size. Facebook doesn’t specify the correct size for a video, but some sources mention that the size should be approximately 820×462 pixels.

Don’t let the figures confuse you, that is the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Keep in mind that some of your video will be cropped for viewers that watch on a computer versus on mobile devices.

Step 2: Determine Type of Video

The next step is to determine the type of video that you intend to include as your Facebook cover. You can create an animation or use cinematography to create a film that others will enjoy. This depends on your business and what you believe your viewers will be most attracted to.

Remember that you need enough footage to capture the viewer’s attention but that you can only show up to 60 seconds and most will not watch the entire cover video so it’s usually better to keep it short.

Consider the following ideas for a Facebook cover video:

  • A walkthrough of your restaurant or store.
  • An animated slogan or logo that plays with background music that is catchy.
  • A time-lapse video that shows your establishment over time.
  • A visual tour of your home, hotel, event venue or similar establishment.
  • An animation that brings your logo to life.

There are endless ways to use video for your Facebook cover. Get creative and start capturing the interest of a wider audience.

Step 3: Set the Facebook Cover Thumbnail

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The next step is to choose a thumbnail image for your cover video. This is what visitors will see if they arrive on your Facebook page from a mobile app or if they are using a device with a slow connection.

In order to entice the viewer to watch the video or to stick around on your Facebook page you’ll want to choose a thumbnail image that gives a good impression of your company to your viewers.

When choosing your thumbnail you must upload your video and position it on Facebook. Then you can choose a desired cover frame that will become your thumbnail image.

If you want to choose a custom thumbnail image for your Facebook cover video, you must create the thumbnail frame and show it immediately at the beginning of your video as Facebook pulls the first frame of your video for the thumbnail.

Step 4: Post to Facebook

Once you have created your video and chosen the way you want your thumbnail to show you can post the video to your Facebook Page. You must use a computer to post a Facebook cover video as the option to do so from the Facebook App is not available.

Simply log into your Facebook business profile and choose “Change Cover.” Then upload the video that you intend to use as your Facebook cover. Watch the video as your visitors would to ensure everything looks the way you want it to before checking this off of your to-do list.

For help creating Facebook Cover videos or any other social media marketing videos, call Beverly Boy Productions at 888-462-7808. We’re always happy to help!