Top Ideas for Promotional Videos for Small Business

Top Ideas for Promotional Videos for Small Business 

You’ve probably considered many different marketing tactics for your small business. Social media posts, blogging, print ads. But if you’re not using promotional videos for your small business, you’re missing a huge percentage of the market share of consumers that seek to learn more about a business and its products and services via video searches online. In fact, 85% of consumers report that they seek videos from the brands they trust. You should be creating promotional videos to reach the consumers that are interested in learning more about your brand. Checkout these top ideas for promotional videos for your small business. 

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1. Social Proof Videos 

If you’re offering a great product or service, chances are you already have happy customers. Consider creating customer testimonial videos that provide social proof to potential new customers as to the value of your brand. Custom testimonial videos that represent first-hand accounts of the satisfaction that consumers feel from your products or services can provide a level of increased faith in your brand for new prospects that have little knowledge of your brand otherwise. 

When creating testimonials, make sure you allow the customer to speak their mind. Avoid a script. You want the content to be genuine and to come out as not having been rehearsed. 

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2. Introduce Yourself & Your Brand 

Introductory videos represent a way for you to promote the values of your business and the people behind your brand. Putting a human face to the brand can help you to build trust among consumers. Introductory video content is one of many types of promotional videos for small business that look to help consumers feel more connected to your brand so that they can better understand the business and the faces that make the business operate. 

3. Promote New Products 

New product announcement videos can help people to learn about the products your small business offers for sale. Buyers that are seeking particular products often go online and seek video content to help them understand the brands and products that are available. If you start at the baseline, when consumers are realizing a particular problem that they need to solve — that’s where your product videos need to come into play. If your product video can reach consumers in a way that helps them to recognize that your small business will sell the product that can solve their problems, you’ll earn great promotional exposure for your brand. 

4. Promote Your Charitable Work 

Is your small business charitable? Promote the ways that you support a good cause with a video. Promotional videos for small business that focus on showing customers how your company supports others can have a strong promotional impact on consumers. Consider highlighting your charity, the feelings your employees have about the charitable work that they do, and the passion that your small business has for helping others. If you support local causes, consider sharing your support in a video so that local consumers can feel more connected to your brand. 

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