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5 Benefits of Customer Testimonial Videos

Businesses have long known that customer testimonials are powerful and effective. They’ve been used in television commercials, sales pitches and throughout websites for many years. In fact, a quick search for just about any product or service and the term “testimonial” will deliver several results that show customers speaking their praise for the goods and services they purchase on a regular basis. If you’re not already convinced that you need customer testimonial videos for your business or brand, check out the following 5 benefits of customer testimonial videos that will most certainly motivate you towards making this your next major video project.

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1. Increased Credibility

Video testimonials have the power to increase credibility for your brand like no other form of video content can. Consumers are naturally drawn toward a product or service that they know others trust.

Customer testimonial videos allow your past customers to share their true experiences and beliefs in your product or service in a genuine manner that reflects their true emotions.

Visual cues that come from a testimonial video simply cannot be replicated with with pure text or still images alone.

2. A Human Vibe

Interview video production

Want to give your brand a real human feel so that potential customers trust that your brand IS what you say it is? A customer testimonial video is the next best thing to face-to-face sales for your website.

And, since many brands do not have brick-and-mortar stores anymore, customer testimonial videos help viewers to develop a sense of comfort for your brand as they get to know you and can relate with customers that already approve of your brand.

An otherwise cold and disconnected website can feel more inviting and more like a community when you add testimonial videos and other forms of human interaction throughout the site.

3. More Sharing, Exposure & Reach

Testimonial videos are more likely to be shared than a written testimonial. In fact, video content of any type of more likely to be shared than written content. The more viewers feel compelled to share your videos, the greater the exposure and reach will be for your brand.

Shareable video testimonials improve your SEO and social media marketing efforts.

4. Emotional Triggers

customer testimonial video

Customer testimonials can act as powerful emotional triggers for your audience prompting them to take action. In fact, a video testimonial that captures the true passion that a satisfied customer has for your product or service and delivers that emotion to a prospective customer is more likely to trigger a sale.

Purchase behaviors are directly related to the emotions that a prospective customer feels toward your product or service.

5. Confidence Boosting

Customer testimonial videos are confidence-boosting to prospective customers. Just as they build trust, they can build a sense of confidence in the decision to make a purchase. In some ways, customers never really want to be “the first.”

When a customer feels like his or her decision to purchase a product or service is the first or only one in that sense can feel worried. What if the item is not what it seems? What if I have problems with it? What if…

Customer testimonial videos boost consumer confidence in your brand. The more the consumer can feel confident in the products or services that you offer, the greater the chance that they will make a purchase.

Seeing that others are satisfied with what you have done for them, reduces this feeling of “being the first” that prevents many consumers from deciding on your brand in the first place.

The more you can use testimonial videos to help your customers relate with other customers; by seeing this interview they feel like they are part of a group and not just themselves, the greater your power will be in promoting your brand.

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