Get Your Business Noticed with a Teaser Video

Get Your Business Noticed with a Teaser Video

If you’re looking for ways to generate customer interest, a teaser video just might do the trick! Beverly Boy Productions has worked with several business to produce teaser video content that quickly generates great attraction and piques the consumer’s interest in the brand. Teaser video marketing can help you get your business noticed online, on television, and at events or other showcases where video is featured. Here’s what we know about getting your business noticed with great teaser video production.

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Teaser Videos Boost Anticipation

Are you launching a new product or service? Boost the anticipation that consumers feel for this new product or service launch with a teaser video. Teaser videos have the power to generate an element of excitement and anticipation for your brand. This builds up a sense of urgency for the product or service launch. Your customers will feel like they just can’t wait until the launch. The result? You’ll almost certainly sell more products or services with your launch if you use a teaser video to boost anticipation leading up to the launch.

Teaser Videos Create Hype

Even the most mundane products or services can be boosted with a teaser video. In fact, big brands have found ways to create hype with teaser video content even when promoting mundane services or products that we all need. Teaser videos create an element of hype that your customers can’t walk away from. Consider a teaser video that is shared with an email following a product or service purchase. Sending a teaser video that showcases a particular add on that the customer did not purchase will have them almost certainly making the purchase in the future.

Teaser Videos Get Emails Opened

Another great reason to send a teaser video in an email is the fact that teaser videos (and any videos really) have the power to get your emails opened more frequently. In fact, emails are more than 80% more likely to be opened by the reader if there’s a video included. Make the video that you include with your email something that teases your audience into feeling a sense of anticipation or urgency to purchase and you’re making money!

Teaser Videos Pique Interest for Events

Are you hosting an event? A teaser video can help you pique consumer interest for your event and bring them to you. Consider using a teaser video to help you communicate the look and feel of the event without giving away all the deets. Give consumers just enough to make them feel like they absolutely can’t afford to miss the event — keep the rest! 

Great event teaser videos can be used to increase customer response to invitations for events that you might be hosting. Get your business noticed by sending out personalized teaser videos that show consumers why they need to stop what they’re doing and focus on planning their trip to your big event.

Need help creating top quality teaser video content that will get your business noticed? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to help you start promoting your business with teaser video content that the world can’t help but to watch!

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