5 Benefits of Interactive Video Productions for Small Business Owners

5 Benefits of Interactive Video Productions for Small Business Owners

Small businesses can stand to gain a lot from the production of interactive video content that engages their audiences and draws them into an immersive video experience. Not only do interactive videos have a higher overall conversion rate, interactive videos have a 47% higher view time than linear video advertisements. The use of interactive videos in small business, to teach, train, and market the brand can have several advantages. And while the benefits of interactive video productions for small business owners are certainly important, they vary based on the business itself. 

The production of interactive video content for a small business can have several serious benefits for the brand. Perfect for elevating any existing marketing strategy, interactive videos increase engagement, drive user interaction, and compel them to take action. At Beverly Boy Productions, we know firsthand how valuable interactive video content can be for a small business. Give us a call to learn more and to discuss an interactive video production plan that’s right for your brand!

  1. Interactive Videos are More Engaging

Don’t forget, engagement is a necessary component for conversions! And, interactive videos are more engaging than linear video content which is why they tend to help small businesses increase their conversions. In fact, a recent study found that interactive content resulted in 4 times higher overall engagement when compared to linear video content. Without engagement, you will never reach conversions so it’s very important to take steps as a small business owner toward improving the engagement among your audience if you want to improve the conversions among your audience, too.

  1. Interactive Videos Keep Help Viewers Retain Information

Having an audience that watches your videos is important, but what’s more important is having an audience that watches your videos and retains the information that you share! Interactive videos increase audience retention over linear video content. This is incredibly important, especially if you’re using interactive videos for your small business marketing or for your small business training.

For example, when small businesses provide training on-site, employees will forget 90% of what they learn in the first 60 days. When small businesses use linear video to train employees, they will retain 90% of what they see. When small businesses use interactive video to train employees, they can expect the employees to recall what they learned about long-term, well after 60-days. Generally speaking, after an hour of lecture, people recall less than half of what was said. However, when video is used those numbers can potentially go up quite significantly.

According to recent studies, interactive videos are 32% more memorable than linear video content. This means that if you were to produce the same type of video, side-by-side, but one video included interactive elements and the other didn’t, the interactive video would be more likely to be remembered. It shows that if you really want something to stand out to your audience, and you want them to remember long-term, you should be included it in an interactive video!

  1. Interactive Videos Reinforce Information to Drive Home Complex Information

Interactive video productions for small business owners can greatly improve audience understanding, even when complex topics are being addressed in the video content. For instance, when interactive videos are created with short quizzes after complex topics are taught, the viewer is more likely to retain the information that is included in the film. These videos are overall 32% more memorable than linear video content.

  1. Interactive Videos Convert Better

With successful audience engagement, comes higher conversions. Interactive videos have significantly higher overall conversions than linear videos. With small business advertisements, call-to-action buttons, links, and other interactive elements such as quizzes and polls can be used to drive audience engagement throughout the video and to incentivize conversions, too.

One of the key benefits of interactive video productions for small business owners is the ease of generating stronger overall conversions through interactive call to action buttons that are easily integrated into a video. Placing CTAs anywhere into the video for increased conversions and improved user connection is one of the many ways you can “show” your viewers what you want them to do rather than “tell.”

Just think of how much better a video that includes clickable features will be compared to a video that has a voiceover stating, “Call today for…” Sure, “Call today…” is a great way to encourage conversions, but what about having buttons, clickable features that will drive action, and an all-encompassing user experience? This is what makes interactive videos so great!

  1. Interactive Videos Are Easy to Track & Monitor KPIs

The KPIs that are used to measure the overall success or failure of a linear video can also be used to measure the success of an interactive video too. With interactive videos, you can track how users engage, what paths they take, and how they interact with the video content time and again. This content can also be used to capture audience data for future marketing and advertising purposes. 

When it comes to the benefits of interactive video productions for small business owners, there are certainly plenty of powerful advantages that come along with these videos over linear video content. As a small business owner, it’s your job to determine what types of videos are most appropriate and potentially valuable to your target audience. For help producing interactive video content for your small business, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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