8 Types of Video Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Video marketing for small businesses involves the use of professionally created videos to improve customer acquisition, brand awareness, online presence, and sales. To achieve success online, small businesses use a wide range of video content marketing or video marketing.

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These are some of the most common types of video content marketing for small businesses to promote their products and services to the rest of the world.

1. Branded Videos

Branded videos are types of video content marketing for small businesses. Just like they sound; they are videos that prominently include the brand to create brand awareness among consumers and boost visibility for the brand. 

These videos deliver all sorts of information about the brand to the consumer audience so that prospective customers know what a brand is all about, why they should choose the brand, and why they should care about the brand.

2. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonial videos are a filmed version of a happy customer letter. Much like a written testimonial, a video testimonial captures the customer’s satisfaction and love for the small business on film.

These videos are used to prove to prospective customers that other customers already love the brand and that the products or services offered by the small business are worth buying.

Similarly, testimonial videos that showcase employee testimonials can be used to encourage others to work for the brand.

Types of Video Content Marketing for Small Businesses

3. Educational Videos

Small businesses use educational videos in their video marketing mix to help consumers become more educated on various topics. Informative content proves the industry knowledge that a small business has and can be used to increase consumer trust in a brand.

We see more and more small businesses using educational videos to build their brand reputation, as this content helps to define thought leaders in each industry.

Types of Video Content Marketing for Small Businesses

4. Location Experience 360 Videos

A relatively new form of video marketing content for small businesses, the 360-degree video shows consumers the location of a brand relative to the general area to draw attention.

These videos are often used by realtors, property appraisers, hotel owners, or those in the travel industry to encourage consumers to interactively view the location of the small business virtually to experience the location. 

5. Product Videos

Small businesses use product videos in their video content marketing mix to introduce consumers to the products offered by the business product.

Videos detail what the product looks like, how it works, what features are available, and the solutions that a product can provide to the consumer.

Small businesses benefit greatly from adding product videos to their marketing mix, as these videos are generally short, informative, and certainly to the point.

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6. Gain Traffic 

The Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ videos are used in small business video content marketing to deliver answers to various commonly asked questions about their business, products, or services.

FAQ videos are generally short and very simple, but they are catchy, informative, and very helpful to the consumer.

With the majority of internet users seeking answers to common questions online, FAQ videos represent an excellent way for small businesses to capitalize on internet search traffic for keywords related to “How to,” or “How do I” paired with their relative product or service terms.

7. Corporate Culture Videos

Corporate culture has changed a lot over the years and tends to vary greatly from one small business to the next.

Many small businesses use corporate culture videos in their video marketing mix as a way of sharing the cultural aspects of the business with prospective employees to encourage them to work there.

Corporate culture videos can deliver the corporate mission statement and other key details relative to the small business in a fun and exciting manner.

Types of Video Content Marketing for Small Businesses

8. Instructional Videos

Delivering instructions, such as how to put a product together or how to operate a particular product, via an instructional video, provides small businesses a unique opportunity to reach consumers seeking instructions on their products.

In fact, many consumers now turn to the internet for instructions on new products or services rather than turning to a printed booklet like they once did.

The use of instructional videos in video content marketing plans for small businesses represents an opportunity to further capitalize on the massive “How to” search volume that takes place online, specifically on video-based search engines such as YouTube.

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