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Short-Form Video Content or Long-Form?

Delivering captivating video to your audience is a vital element of any video marketing strategy, but how can you tell what the ideal length is for a video project? We’re showing you how to determine whether short-form video content or long-form content is best for your project. With some research and a few simple steps, you can be prepared to outline the exact length of content that’s idea for you.

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Short, Snackable Video Content

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One of the shortest forms of video content is snackable video content. These are videos that are used in social media and throughout your marketing to deliver short, powerful bursts of content to your viewers.

Short, snackable video content is often used regularly on social media to keep users engaged and interested in your brand. Boost engagement and keep your brand fresh in the mind of the viewer by trickling these short bursts of video to them on a regular basis.

Short-Form Video Content

While you will always need super short, snackable content, you may only sometimes need short-form video content. Short-form video content can be used on your website, on social media, and in various other channels of your marketing mix such as email or newsletters.

This content is generally just a few minutes in length at most. In fact, many say that two minutes is the sweet spot for short-form video.

The best short-form videos are generally 1-2 minutes in total. They are easy for the viewer to watch, deliver a strong core message, and don’t require a major time commitment to view the entire thing. 

Short-Form Draws the Views

Short-form videos draw the viewer in with a captivating story that they can relate to. This form of video content is also valued by businesses because it is much more affordable than long-form content which can cost a substantial amount and require a huge upfront investment to get started.

Short-form video is best if your objective is to get more clicks. Studies show that short-form videos get more clicks than any of the other forms of video content. This includes promotional videos, customer reviews, and product demo videos that generate click-throughs and higher sales for your website.

Long-Form Video Content

Businesses will use long-form video content the least amount of times when compared to the other two shorter forms of content previously listed. Long-form content is tough to plan, takes a lot of budget upfront to produce, and requires lengthy planning and strategy processes in order to be launched successfully. 

Long-form video content such as interviews, case studies, question and answer sessions, or interactive webinars are a few of the more common forms of long-form video content used by major businesses and brands.

While all of these videos have their place in the marketing mix, they tend to take a lot more time and effort to launch. 

Long-Form Drives Engagement

Long term videos are generally more formal. The use of a narrative that is noticeably more rehearsed and defined makes these types of videos have a more promotional feel to them.

Long-form videos drive engagement and can be used to increase the level of consumer understanding in your brand. Studies show that long-form videos account for 50% of all video engagement despite the fact that less than 8 percent of all video content produced is long-form.

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