7 Ways a Video Editing Service will Help You Scale Your Business

 7 Ways a Video Editing Service will Help You Scale Your Business

Video increases engagement more than any other form of content on the web. You probably already know this, or else you wouldn’t be looking for ways to scale your business through video. But did you know that a video editing service could be the answer to your business growth dreams? 

The decision to take your marketing up a notch, or three, is often precluded by thoughts of the terrible time constraints you’re already under, how incredibly overwhelmed you already are as a business owner trying to maintain even without adding video to the mix, and of course the generally high cost of hiring a third-party to help you scale. The truth is, scaling your business isn’t easy, but it is possible! 

What if we told you that hiring a video editing service could help you to scale your business? It’s true! And it doesn’t have to cost more than it’s worth! Check out these 7 ways that a video editing service will help scale your business.

  1. Cut Out the Most Time Consuming Part of the Production Equation

First and foremost, video editing is by far the most time consuming part of film production. So, if you want to scale your business, and you’re going to use marketing videos to do it, hiring a video editing service is the most suitable choice for you to save time without sacrificing production. 

  1. Centralize Feedback Between Your Team & Your Editor

If you’re not fluent in professional film editing, chances are you won’t have the latest and greatest software and technology on your side throughout the editing process. This could set you back significantly in terms of time it takes to bring a project to distribution. However, a video editing service can help you scale your business by centralizing the feedback between you, your team, and your editor in a single software solution such as or a similar product. It will save you TONS of time!

  1. Simplify Your Sales Process with Videos

Videos are known to be valuable in the sales process. They can be used to answer customer questions ahead of a sale or they can be used to deliver product information. Videos can also be used to build trust among consumers and to prequalify your prospects by delivering clearly defined prerequisites prior to pushing the sale. More videos in your sales pipeline mean more solutions for your customer and potentially more sales. A video editing service can help you put out more videos in less time and on a consistent basis.

  1. Create Desirable How-to Videos & Tutorials

The more you can solve problems for your customers the more they’re going to fall for the brand. If you want to scale your business, consider the creation of how-to videos and tutorials that communicate the complex processes that your products or services represent. Explain how to set up and use products or services, provide tutorials on how to get the most out of certain features, and include video FAQ pages that answer all of the common questions your customers might have. 

A video editing service can help you to scale your business by providing you with the editing solutions that are required to ensure your videos represent the professional quality expected of your brand. You can focus your time on keeping customers happy, and let a professional video editing team, such as Team Beverly Boy, do the rest!

  1. Become the Authority in Your Space

Has the video editing process prevented you from putting out as many videos as you would like? Have you opted for a written post at times when you would have liked to include a video or to have only made a video about the topic but you just didn’t have the time to edit an entire video – again? A video editing service will help you scale your business by providing you with the support you need in post-production so that you can focus on creating more videos that prove you’re an authority in your space.

  1. Maximize Social Media Reach

You probably know that video gets more exposure, and more engagement, than any other form of media on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter – but are you aware at just how much video overpowers text of static image posts? Video is 6x more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than a static photo. Not only that but video posts in general on social media get 48% more views. If you want to maximize your audience reach, increase engagement, and generate the greatest attraction on social media, you need to be sharing video content and you need to make sure that your videos are professionally reflective of your brand’s style and tone.

  1. Video Training Saves Time While Growing Your Team

employee training video

While most of the thoughts around a video editing service focus on how the use of videos can help you scale your business from an advertising and consumer connection perspective, it’s important to also note that videos can be used to scale in-house, too. For instance, training videos can be used in-house to save time while increasing your team’s knowledge of important concepts relative to the work environment. 

For example, training videos are more likely to be recalled than written text since we recall about 95% of what we see on video versus just 10% of what we read. Additionally, team members are more likely to engage in training videos and to understand the concepts that are taught. Hiring a video editing service that can take your training videos to the next level, creating interactive elements within them that boost audience engagement can help you to scale your business from the inside, out. 

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