How much does it cost to produce a commercial in Kendall?

“How much does it cost to produce a commercial in Kendall?” If you have been thinking about this question with your team, then you are going to get all the information you need by reading this article. Now, the answer to the question above is not as straightforward as one would assume. Why? Because there are lots of variables in each project that affect the TV commercial production cost. Whether you are looking to air your commercial on local cable through DIRECTV or DISH Network, or local Kendall broadcast affiliates like PBS WPBT 2 or CBS WFOR 4, we are here to help.

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You will end up spending any amount from $1,500 to $150,000 as the cost of a television AD in Kendall. To learn more about production costs, read on, or visit our Kendall TV commercial production page to see samples and chat with us about your project. 

30 second TV commercial in Kendall

Looking for the right crew to shoot your 30 second TV commercial in Kendall? We can help. You might be a small business owner pondering how you are going to create a world-class commercial with a small budget.

At the same time, you might not be sure about how you are going to compete with companies in your industry that are spending heavily on social media campaigns, and the airing of spots on NBC WTVJ 6. 

The truth of the matter is that you can create a 30 second TV commercial in Kendall that can help to promote your products/services to your audience in Florida. Our team is ready to offer a package that will help you market your small business in the most effective way possible. 

Average Cost

The cost to produce a 30 second commercial in Kendall can easily range from $1,500 – $3,500. If you are not concerned about the TV commercial production cost, then, you need to focus on working with a crew that can help you to create a visual masterpiece.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we have the gear and the talent to deliver more than what you need. 

Know what you want.

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If you want to know the cost of producing a television commercial in Kendall/Florida, then you need to be clear about what you want to create.

If your question is, “How much does it cost to produce a commercial in Kendall?”, but communicating the idea you have in mind is hard, you need to go to YouTube, and download a video that shares the same concept. 

Once we have the sample video, we will be able to quote a price estimate based on the video of reference. If you want us to walk you through the process of quoting your project, feel free to call us.

There is great importance in working with professionals who understand what is required to meet and exceed your expectations.

At Beverly Boy, we film commercials all over Florida, from Pinecrest, to television Commercial in South Miami, as well as brand commercial in Glenvar Heights. Talk to us today and let us provide you with a free quote. 

You need high production value

Are you planning to dazzle your clients, and put your competition out of the market? Then you need to go for a commercial with high production value. So, “How much does it cost to produce a commercial in Kendall?” 

A high production value project usually costs anywhere from 20k to 30k. For this type of project to be carried out, you need the services of actors, a makeup artist, a professional camera crew, a studio, a director and a few other things. 

The cost of producing a Kendall television commercial of this standard is high because of all the experts and equipment that will be required to produce this project. 

A professional video production company will manage your TV commercial production cost so that at the end, you will be satisfied with the value that your investment will have created. 

How much does it Cost to air a local commercial in Kendall?

TV Commercial Cost

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So, once you are through with production of your TV spot, the next question that you will be asking yourself is, “How much does it cost to air a commercial in Kendall?” Ideally, the airing of a 30 second commercial in Kendall can cost you anywhere from $50 or $80 per spot, to $1,500, or $20,000 per spot. 

You have to be clear about your project details to know exactly what you will spend. If you are focusing your attention on TV Advertising for Kendall, or the local Kendall TV market, then you may end up spending as little as $50 for a 30 second spot.

But if you are targeting an audience that extends beyond the borders of Kendall/Florida, then you will need to air your message during a prime-time broadcast network TV program. The cost of this approach will rise upwards of $10,000 plus per 30 second TV spot.

This approach will enable you to broadcast your message to millions of people within the area you have targeted with your Kendall TV Advertisement.

Kendall TV commercial cost

After sorting out the responses to the question “How much does it cost to produce a commercial in Kendall?”, there is need for you to reach out to our company to get an exact Kendall TV commercial cost for your upcoming project.

In addition to producing your video, it is important to package the video in a format that is required by each local network. You can count on is to handle the production and delivery of your TV advertisement to the right Kendall networks. 

Call Beverly Boy Productions today if you want to learn more about our service. 

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