Why Hotels, Resorts & Timeshares Need Maintenance Training Videos

Whether you’re a hotel or resort owner, or the manager of a timeshare property that’s looking for ways to improve your training program and minimize the amount of resources that you put out in the process, maintenance training videos are a great choice for you!  Training videos can provide a wide range of insights into various maintenance activities including simple groundskeeper roles such as the maintenance of lawns, trees or shrubs and housekeeping maintenance such as simple plumbing, changing AC filters, patching drywall holes or performing other routine tasks around a commercial property. In fact, if you’re trying to figure out if the use of maintenance training videos is the right choice for your property, we’ve got a list of advantages or benefits to video training that will help you make the right decision.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we believe every hotel, resort, and timeshare could benefit from maintenance training videos. But don’t take our word for it, consider the various benefits and advantages that of using maintenance training videos for your commercial property that we’ve listed below.

Videos Make Learning New Maintenance Tasks Easy

As a maintenance provider, there are a lot of different tasks that must be picked up often in a short time. Maintenance staff are often responsible for a wide range of indoor and outdoor repairs, replacements, and routines. Remembering how to do everything, or even just knowing how to do each task can certainly be challenging. However, videos make learning new maintenance tasks easy!

With maintenance training videos new maintenance staff and employees can be trained quickly and efficiently. In fact, video makes learning things like plumbing, simple electrical, appliance repair, equipment repair and other tasks a lot easier than any other form of training could. Since a ton of information can be delivered in a very short amount of time with video, maintenance staff can pick up a lot more information with not nearly as much time put into training as would be required if training were provided in person or by textbook.

Video Increases Effectiveness of Learning

Along with learning quickly and easily, maintenance training videos make learning more effective.  Your employees will gasp concepts more quickly and more fully when they’re taught using video. Instead of paying a trainer to show an employee how to perform maintenance, and having to hire the trainer over and over again each time a new maintenance employee is hired onto the team, training videos are filmed once and can be used over and over again as many times as you need.

Employees that learn from video are more likely to remember what you teach them. They’ll better grasp the details being taught and they’ll appreciate the visual examples which can make even complex maintenance issues a breeze to figure out.  With about 5 minutes of video, nearly an hour of text can be explained in great detail and with maximum effectiveness. No other type of training can be as effective as training videos are!

Video Training Is Easily Scaled

It’s hard to scale a training session if you’re a single manager that’s running a large maintenance team, but video training can be easily scaled. In fact, maintenance teams that are growing and require repeat training in order ensure that everyone on the team has the same skills understanding and abilities to provide service throughout the property can benefit greatly from the use of maintenance training videos. 

Scaling a training program that utilized video is easy! First, make a list of all of the essential training topics that you need to cover and prepare to produce your video training library. Once you have produced your core training videos, consider any additional support videos that might be required to ensure full coverage on all important training concepts for your property maintenance professionals.

With a fully prepared maintenance training video library, scaling your maintenance team and the training that they all receive is a quick process that won’t cost you anything extra. Your initial training videos can be used to provide effective training to each of your newly hired maintenance staff, regardless of how large you scale your team, without adding to your overall training costs.

Training Videos are Cost Effective

The ability to scale brings us to the next reason why hotels, resorts and timeshare owners need maintenance training videos and that’s because they’re just so incredibly cost effective!  Training videos have a single upfront cost for production. Once production is complete, those videos can be used to provide maintenance training over and over again without any further incurred expenses to the property owner. 

Additionally, training videos allow for incredibly rapid deployment of training. When new maintenance professionals are hired, maintenance training videos can be immediately assigned to help them begin training for their position. There is no wait time. There is no turnaround time. There is no cost. No cost of travel. No cost to pay a trainer again. It’s a one and done process.

So, if you’re a hotel, resort, or timeshare owner, maintenance training videos are just what you need to provide cost effective, easy to scale, highly efficient and effective training for your team. To produce those videos, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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