How to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

How to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Whether you’re totally new to video marketing, or it’s something that you’ve been actively engaging in for months already, there are actually a variety of ways that you can use video in your email marketing. Learning exactly how to use video in your email marketing in order to increase sales, boost conversions, and otherwise power your business is an important step for any brand. 

Fortunately, learning how to use video in your email marketing is pretty simple! With some basic tips, you can begin to incorporate video into your email marketing campaigns to increase conversions, generating greater awareness around your products or services, and increase sales. 

If you’re not already using email to improve your email marketing campaigns, consider the following.

  1. Use Video to Increase Open Rates

Statistics show that the use of just the word “video” in the subject line of your email marketing campaigns can improve open rates by up to 19%. The best way to include the word “video” in your subject line is either at the beginning, or the end, within brackets as follows: [ video ]

  1. Use Video to Increase Sales

Sales teams that incorporate video into their email campaigns have 4x the click-through-rate of those who don’t use video. In fact, marketers are aware of the many ways that video can be used to influence their campaigns but when it comes to sales, video can be used in email marketing to improve CTR as well as to improve the total number of actual sales that occur among the brand.

  1. Incorporate Video into Email Signatures

Posting video in your email signature helps to personalize your email campaigns. Not only does this create a one-to-one connection between you and your prospective client or those that you’re communicating with via email but it’s also great for seriously increasing engagement between those who receive your email and of course, whoever sends it.

  1. Include Video Captions in Emails

If you’re trying to figure out how to use video in your email marketing campaigns, consider the use of video captions in your emails. Most viewers are going to engage in your video content without sound. They’ll need captions in order to understand what’s being specifically said to them as well as to reflect the powerful interactions that are actually occurring. 

  1. Turn Videos on Auto play

If you’re going to figure out how to use video in your email marketing campaigns, you absolutely must use video on autopay. Turn your videos onto autopay so that your audience doesn’t not have to make a decision between the videos that come up on their feed. They can easily engage and watch a video on Facebook or any other social platform without the interruption of sound interfering with them.

  1. Embed Video with a Static Image and Play Button

When you’re incorporating your videos into your email marketing campaigns it’s important to make sure that you embed the video with a static image and a play button. This is your chance to make sure that you have provided your audience with the easiest place to connect to your video and that you don’t block anyone by posting your video in a situation where it could cause the email to fail to open.

  1. Make Sure Video is Below Your Email Copy

Because video can take time to load, and because it’s important to allow your audience plenty of time to access your email without worrying about whether or not the video loads, you should always make sure to place your video below your email copy.  

If you’re wondering how to use video in your email marketing, these are just a few of the ways that come to mind. Depending on how large your brand is or the size of your audience, there are many other ways that video can be incorporated into email marketing to increase sales, generate higher conversions, and initiate stronger connections to your audience and to your brand.

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