6 Proven Video Hooks to Capture Audience Attention

You have less than 2 seconds to hook the viewer and grasp their attention. How will you do it? Knowing how to catch attention in advertising with video is vital. We’re going to show you the best way to hook your audience with attention-grabbing advertising videos that your viewers cannot help but pay attention to.

Marketing with video is an amazing opportunity. But you only get a few seconds initially to make it count. The steps you take to grasp your audience’s attention in the first few seconds will make or break your entire video marketing campaign. Follow these tips to make it count.

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1. Focus on the First Few Seconds

We say the first 2 seconds, but what can you really deliver in two seconds? Not much! Focus your video content hook on the first 5-10 seconds for maximum results. Capture the attention of your audience in those first few seconds so that they are so hooked they cannot even imagine seeking content elsewhere.

A 2015 Microsoft study found that viewers have an attention span that lasts just 8 seconds for video. Make it count! Deliver a shocking, emotionally connecting, can’t turn away, interest piquing experience in those first few seconds to get the most out of your video content.

2. Grab Them with the Title

Before the viewer ever watches your video they have to see the title and click to watch the video content. Therefore, some would say that the title is more important than the video itself, and some may agree. You MUST have a great video title, that includes keywords that will help your video show up in search and will encourage viewers to click and watch.

Brainstorm your title ideas and don’t be afraid to A/B test different options to find out which works best. Use descriptive, enticing, catchy titles to capture the attention of your audience and hook them. However, don’t make clickbait titles.

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3. Focus on the Cover Image

The thumbnail or cover image of your video must stand out and encourage a click. This is often the deciding factor as to whether a video is watched or not. It must be attractive and enticing with a clear font and text that helps the viewer understand what the video is about. Attention-grabbing advertising videos combine great imagery with text graphics that encourage click through.


4. Solve a Problem

Attention-grabbing advertising videos that present a real-world problem and connects with viewers to show how to solve a problem tend to keep the audience engaged. By presenting a real-world problem to the audience they feel connected with what you have to say. They are emotionally connected and resonate with the topic so they stick around to learn the solution.

5. Stay Focused on Engagement

You cannot just hook your audience in the first 10 seconds and then stop working! Every single frame of the video must focus on enticing the audience to stick around. Each frame must be better, more captivating, and exciting than the last. Every single second must focus on engaging the viewer so that they cannot help but stick around to find out what happens next.

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6. Share a Story

The best way to hook an audience and keep them engaged and listening are with a story. Professional video storytelling that uses humor, characters, a plot, and emotional connections to deliver content will certainly keep the consumer interested and engaged. The most attention-grabbing videos don’t just start off with a story, they deliver the visual and audio rendition of the story throughout the entire video to the very end.


Need help creating attention-grabbing videos for your business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We specialize in creating professional attention-grabbing videos that maximize ROI for brands worldwide. We cannot wait to put our storytelling skills to work in producing quality video content for your brand. 

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