Amazing Benefits of Animated Marketing Videos for Business Owners 

It’s common for entrepreneurs and business owners to literally pour their heart and soul into the creation of products or services that represent their brand, but what about marketing? So often, businesses fall short of delivering the most amazing consumer experience because the business owner has little patience left for marketing or they’re just not fully informed on what to do. If this sounds like you, and you’re even thinking about using animated marketing videos for business, you’re not alone!

Although it might seem mind boggling right now to consider producing animated content for your brand, the benefits of animated marketing videos for business owners simply cannot be overlooked. After you’ve spent countless hours on the development of the perfect products or services for your business, consider hiring a professional to help with the marketing! 

Beverly Boy Productions specializes in the production of animated marketing videos for business owners. If you feel like the only thing holding your business back from explosive growth is your video marketing, give Beverly Boy Productions a call so that we can help your business experience the amazing benefits of animated marketing videos.

If you’re still trying to decide if animated marketing videos are right for your business, consider the following amazingly powerful benefits that come from this type of marketing and advertising for your brand. These are just a few of the benefits that you can expect from using animated marketing videos for your business.


Animated Videos Help Consumers Understand Your Products

One of the most important features and benefits of animated marketing videos is the power of animation to help consumers understand complex topics. If you sell a product or service that is difficult to explain or otherwise hard to understand, the production of animated videos will help consumers gasp the concepts of your products or services and any features that you may provide. 

As with any business, the products or services you provide are designed to provide a solution to your audience that make’s their lives easier, but if they can’t understand your products or services, you’ll never make a sale. Animated marketing videos for business promotions can help shed some light onto the features, purpose, use cases and underlying benefits of your products or services so that prospective customers understand the offer.

Animated Videos Increase Consumer Awareness of Your Products

Another important benefit of producing animated videos for your business is the fact that these videos can increase consumer awareness of the products or services you provide. In fact, studies have proven that video content will help increase your reach on social media and on the internet in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Therefore, the inclusion of animated marketing videos to your product pages as well as on your social media pages will increase the overall reach for your brand allowing you to target a larger customer audience.

Animation Brings Your Products or Services to Life

The use of animation can bring even the most complex products, services, or ideas to life. This is particularly important if you provide a service or a product that cannot easily be explained or visualized without some support. Consider the use of animated videos to showcase things like internal components, working features, or difficult to explain or complex processes that go into production of your products, craftsmanship, or other proprietary processes. This will help consumers come to any understanding of your brand and learn to love your company!

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Animated Marketing Videos Increase Conversions

Really any type of video content can be used to increase conversions for your business, but animated marketing videos for business owners have a unique ability to help consumers see the value in complex products or services driving their interest and potential conversions up to 86% overall. No other form of content has the power to generate such high conversion rates as video does!

Animated Videos Increase Search Engine Rankings 

What does it take to generate higher conversions and sales? More traffic to your website and landing pages! Animated marketing videos for business landing pages and websites have the power to increase your search engine rankings exponentially. Consider the use of animated videos on your product pages as well as anywhere on your website to increase the likelihood of your pages ranking on the first page of Google or other major search engines.

Animated Marketing Videos are Powerful Marketing Tool

Overall, animated marketing videos for business owners are an incredibly powerful marketing tool that really cannot be overlooked. They’re cost effective, efficient, and incredibly valuable to brands that offer complex products or services that would otherwise be challenging for consumers to fully understand. 

If you’re not already convince that animated video content is the right choice for your business, give Beverly Boy Productions a call to learn more. And, if you are convinced that animated marketing videos for business owners or brands like yours are the right choice, consider hiring our team to assist in the production of powerful animated content that will help your brand reach more customers, increase consumer awareness of your products or services, and generate higher revenue and sales for your brand! We can’t wait to get started!

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