What is a Cryptocurrency Explainer Video?

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized payment systems, meta all of these terms can be incredibly confusing to those who are new to the idea of crypto markets, but for brands that are built around these concepts these terms represent the unique aspects of something new and exciting for the world. Cryptocurrency is incredibly popular, but equally difficult to fathom or fully understand for some. A cryptocurrency explainer video is an important marketing tool for any business that’s actively engaging in, or interested in engaging in, cryptocurrency markets.

What is a Cryptocurrency Explainer Video?

A cryptocurrency explainer video is a short excerpt that narrows down very specific concepts of cryptocurrency trading, blockchain distribution, or crypto markets to help non-tech savvy customers understand the concepts. These short videos often include animations to assist viewers in understanding complex topics relative to the market and can be integrated into marketing campaigns for businesses and brands that engage in all areas of cryptocurrency exchange. 

Cryptocurrency explainer videos can be as short as 30 seconds, or up to several minutes in some cases, although the average length is between 1 and 2 minutes. Cryptocurrency explainer video content can help your audience to understand incredibly simple or extremely complex topics by narrowing down the information and delivering easy to understand details with visual support that makes the concept easier overall to follow and understand.

Why is a Cryptocurrency Explainer Video Important?

If your business operates on cryptocurrency, accepts cryptocurrency, or otherwise engages in the crypto market, you might want to produce a short, cryptocurrency explainer video that you can use to assist your target audience in understanding how cryptocurrencies work. In fact, cryptocurrency explainer videos can be used for a variety of purposes throughout your marketing and advertising funnels. 

Consider using a cryptocurrency explainer video for:

  • Explaining innovative concepts relative to the blockchain industry.
  • Familiarizing your audience with the engagement your brand has in cryptocurrency.
  • Converting your website visitors into cryptocurrency investors that can support your brand.
  • Helping your audience to feel excited about cryptocurrency.
  • Increasing your online presence in the blockchain or cryptocurrency markets.

There are really endless ways that a cryptocurrency explainer video can be used to your advantage depending on how involved you are in the industry and how cryptocurrency integrates with your business initiatives. 

What to Include in Cryptocurrency Explainer Videos

If you’re new to the idea of video production, whether for the cryptocurrency market, or elsewhere, you’re going to need to consider some key areas of importance involved in creating short, explainer videos. This means you need to think carefully about what you should include in your cryptocurrency explainer videos ahead of production.

Any great cryptocurrency explainer video is going to deliver a story. This is how you’re going to be sure that your audience sticks around and engages with your content. It’s also important to consider including the following important elements in your cryptocurrency explainer video:

  • An introduction to your target audience’s problem.
  • A demonstration of your solution to your audience’s problem.
  • Insight into your brand’s competitive advantage (why are you the one to solve the problem your audience has?)
  • A call to action that encourages your audience to do something.

Your call to action could be to “learn more about cryptocurrency” by calling you, or it could be to click a link or it could be something entirely different. The point here is that all great explainer videos start with a story, they include the key details listed above, and they end with a call to action that demands your audience take a specific action that is conducive to the conversions you’re interested in achieving with your content.

How Long Should my Cryptocurrency Explainer Video Be?

While the average explainer video is between 1 and 2 minutes long, you can create incredibly short explainer videos as long as you provide all of the significant details to your audience in the time that you use. Most crypto explainer videos are at least 30 seconds long and they’re rarely more than 5 minutes. When deciding on a length that’s right for your video, it’s important to consider your target audience, and to remember that the longer a video is, the more likely it is that your audience will not watch the entire thing!

For best results, keep your explainer video under two minutes. If you find that you cannot deliver all of the information in two minutes, you might want to break your cryptocurrency explainer video down into multiple parts instead. For instance, you might decide to create a series that explains short concepts in two minutes or less before moving onto the next short concept.

So, what is a cryptocurrency explainer video? It’s a short, 1-2 minute video that details your business’s involvement in cryptocurrency and the important aspects of the blockchain as they pertain to your brand. You can use cryptocurrency explainer videos in a variety of ways, to build audience awareness, boost engagement and generate conversions for your business. 

To learn more about producing cryptocurrency explainer video content that you can use to grow your audience, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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